OWC’s Innergize Keeps Your Memory Cards Running at Their Peak

OWC's Innergize Keeps Your Memory Cards Running at Their Peak


Memory card failure is one of those things you hope will never happen. If it does, the result can be devastating; a ruined shoot and the cost of your valuable time, money and, of course, the wrath of your client. That’s why OWC has introduced Innergize, a handy app designed for their Atlas range of flash memory cards. The app’s core purpose is to keep your OWC Atlas memory cards running at their peak performance and reliability, and if there is a problem, then the software will pick it up before there’s a disaster.

OWC’s Innergize is a custom-designed app that features a complete health suite for your Atlas memory cards and does everything from checking performance, enabling you to upgrade firmware, and ensuring that the cards perform at the same level they did when they were new.

Using the deep dive integration offered by the app will highlight problems with the cards before they become your problem. Quite often, a card will appear to be functioning fine when shooting under normal conditions and resolutions; however, as you push the resolutions or film for longer than normal or open up to high-speed shooting, your card will come under stress and that is when the underlying problems will become apparent. With Innergize, you can maintain your cards and help reduce the likely hood that you’ll ever experience dropped frames, miss a picture, or experience your camera automatically stopping recording at a critical moment.

The Innergize software verifies and reports the percentage of useful life remaining. This feedback about your card’s health will help you work confidently. Your OWC flash memory card will deliver the reliability you can trust. The app, available for Mac or PC, also cleans and restores the flash memory performance of OWC memory cards to ensure the best possible performance.

When new cameras or firmware updates to existing cameras are introduced, they may not work properly with flash memory cards and drives. Innergize allows OWC memory card users to quickly upgrade the card’s firmware to ensure maximum camera compatibility.

Innergize functions like a creative pro’s “pre-flight” checklist. The app ensures your OWC memory cards, card readers, connectivity docks, and storage solutions with reader slots communicate through special OWC firmware.

If you’re a professional photographer or videographer using OWC Atlas memory cards, Innergize is a must-have app to ensure your memory cards run at their peak performance and reliability. You can download Innergize for free from the OWC website.