Nature puts on a show in this week’s audience photo gallery

Nature puts on a show in this week's audience photo gallery

The Northern Lights put on a show in Nain. (Submitted by Pauline Agnatok)

We got a mixed bag from Mother Nature recently.  There was more snow, keeping spring at bay for another little while, but the aurora borealis was on display for (just about) everyone to see.

Enjoy the light show, then scroll to the bottom to see how your point of view can be part of next week’s gallery.

A beautiful, sunny evening in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Lori Snow)
A clear reflection of some grounded ice on Salmon Cove Sands. (Submitted by Andrea Kelly)
The CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent departing Botwood Harbour on Saturday on its way to break the ice. (Submitted by Linda Lane)
A gorgeous pink and orange sky over Topsail Beach, CBS. (Submitted by Greg Horner)
When life gives you snow, you make a snowman! (Submitted by Gary Mitchell)
The carved out windswept land of Grates Cove getting a pounding from the beautiful waves driving into the rocky coastline. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
The aurora borealis turns the sky an emerald green in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Donna Crawford)
Red sky at night, black Lab’s delight! (Submitted by Gail Downing)
A starry night framed by the Northern Lights in Ocean Pond. (Submitted by Karen Reid)

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