Nature Photographer of the Year Awards 2022 Winners Revealed

Nature Photographer of the Year Awards 2022 Winners Revealed

Nature comes in all shapes and forms. It’s in huge national parks and landscapes filled with mountains and forests; it’s also in underwater seascapes and concrete metropolises. Anywhere where there’s plants and animals, there’s nature.

The annual Nature Photographer of the Year awards demonstrate just how diverse nature really is. Run by photography festival Nature Talks, the NPOTYs celebrate all kinds of nature, from mammals and birds to plants, fungi and landscapes.

The NPOTYs always have some of the most epic shots of the year (see the 2021 edition’s winners here) – and 2022 is no different. The spectacular aerial snap above, which was taken by photographer Tamani Cédric and features an ‘airport’ for flamingos, was only a runner-up!

You can take a peek at all the NPOTY 2022 winners on the official website here but, in the meantime, below are a few of our favourites.

‘House of Bears’ by Dmitry Kokh

Photograph: Dmitry Kokh / NPOTY 2022

‘Iberian Lynx Family Portrait’ by Alessandro Beconi

Photograph: Alessandro Beconi / NPOTY 2022

‘Lightning up the Grand Canyon’ by Raul Mostoslavsky

Photograph: Raul Mostoslavsky / NPOTY 2022

‘My City Whale’ by Jomtup Charoenlapnumchai

Photograph: Jomtup Charoenlapnumchai / NPOTY 2022

‘Observer’ by Jens Cullman

Photograph: Jens Cullman / NPOTY 2022

‘Resilient Tree’ by Gianluca Gianferrari

Photograph: Gianluca Gianferrari / NPOTY 2022

‘Sunrise at Brunssummerheide’ by Brenda Heyvaert

Photograph: Brenda Heyvaert / NPOTY 2022

‘The Rain I’ve Been Waiting For’ by Kazushige Horiguchi

Photograph: Kazushige Horiguchi / NPOTY 2022

‘Twisted Freeze’ by Juan Garcia Lucas

Photograph: Juan Garcia Lucas / NPOTY 2022

‘Wings on Fire’ by Nitin Sonawane

Photograph: Nitin Sonawane / NPOTY 2022

Did you see that this hilarious snap took the crown at the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards?

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