Nature of Color at Fernbank: Is red powerful? Is blue calming? What do colors make you feel? – WSB-TV Channel 2

Nature of Color at Fernbank: Is red powerful? Is blue calming? What do colors make you feel? – WSB-TV Channel 2


Can you judge a person by the color of the clothes they wear? Do you feel differently about a woman wearing a red dress versus a white dress? Is there something different about a man who wears bright blue socks versus brown socks?

Does the color yellow make you somehow feel different from green? Does purple make you feel different from red?

PHOTOS: Nature of Color at Fernbank Museum of Natural History

How does color impact your thoughts? How can colors express how you feel?

“We are at Fernbank Museum and this exhibit is called the Nature of Color,” Fernbank’s Maria Moreno told WSB-TV’s Nelson Hicks. “It explores color. Imagine a life without color. How would we interact? How different would it be?”

As Moreno mentioned, imagine a world without color. Would it feel different? Would it be less beautiful? Would it be harder to interpret or understand some things? Can colors help set the mood?

“For me, happy is yellow and orange,” Moreno said. “I’m not sure if everybody associates yellow and orange with happiness. For anger, I think red across the board. For calmness, (it’s) purple, also green for me is a very calm color and also blue because of the oceans, I feel relaxed.

The Nature of Color explores the science of color. Through interactive exhibits, kids and adults alike can explore how colors make us feel, the role of color in nature, how colors are created, how light impacts color and more.

The exhibit wraps up with an interesting look at the color of human beings.

“That is a photography exhibit by Angélica Dass,” Moreno said. “She is a Brazilian photographer and I find this specific photography exhibit very inspiring because she uses human skin tone as her (canvas). The purpose behind this is that race is used as a way to discriminate, to segregate and she is trying to send a message that we’re all the same. We might look a little different right, depending on where we are in the world, but at the end of the day, we’re all human and we should all be kind to each other.”

Step inside the Nature of Color at Fernbank now through May 7.

This story is sponsored by Fernbank Museum of Natural History.