NANLITE Unveils PavoTube II XR Pixel Tubes

NANLITE Unveils PavoTube II XR Pixel Tubes


NANLITE, introduces the Nanlite PavoTube II XR Pixel Tubes with integrated CRMX. This revolutionary innovation enables photographers, filmmakers, and content creators to elevate their projects lighting to new levels of professionalism. These new lighting tubes feature animated pixel effects, versatile bi-color and RGB hues, and all the different lighting styles are fully controllable wirelessly, ensuring impeccable lighting control for a range of applications.

The XR series builds upon the well-established X-Series tubes, known for adaptability and sturdiness. The new XR lineup boasts enhanced durability through sturdy metal construction, making them ideal for both studio and on-location setups. With the addition of CRMX technology, these tubes provide exceptional reliability and seamless transmission, creating a resilient working environment.

Available in popular lengths – 2-foot 15XR, 4-foot 30XR, and 8-foot 60XR – the XR series offers a comprehensive range to suit various creative needs. All kits come complete with power supplies that charge internal batteries and ensure continuous power. The 15XR and 30XR kits are accompanied by rigging accessories, securely housed in padded carrying cases. The 60XR kit features a flight case with thoughtful design elements like foam cut-outs, swivel casters, recessed hand grips, and stackable wheel plates.

Key Features and Unique Selling Points

  • Retains all X-Series features with CRMX wireless DMX LumenRadio integration.
  • Impressive output and dynamic pixel effects for striking visuals.
  • Advanced seamless diffusion for expansive illumination.
  • Available in 2-foot (15X), 4-foot (30X), and 8-foot (60X) models.
  • High color accuracy with 97 CRI and 98 TLCI.
  • Intuitive onboard controls for easy adjustments.
  • Equipped with CRMX wireless DMX LumenRadio, Bluetooth, and 2.4G for seamless wireless control.
  • Ultrawide CCT range of 2700K-12000K, with precise green-to-magenta adjustment.
  • Comprehensive range of features, including dimming, HSI mode, practical and pixel effects.
  • Multiple mounting points and compatibility with an array of accessories.
  • Operable on AC, internal battery, or external battery.
  • Available waterproof housings for 15X, 30X, and 60X.
  • Designed with standard T12 diameter for compatibility with various mounts.

The XR series enables you to push your lighting with wireless precision. These tubes are equally adept as key lights, practical in-frame lighting, or for generating captivating pixel effects and with the ability to control them remotely the whole process of getting the lighting right should be far easier. Each of the new lights features an enhanced Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) engine, the XR tubes offer unmatched durability and longevity through multiple write-and-erase cycles.

Maximize Power Efficiency with 28nm Controller

The XR tubes incorporate a 28-nanometer controller, ensuring 37% improved power efficiency compared to previous models. This ensures extended usage without frequent recharges, enhancing device battery life and usability.

The Nanlite PavoTube II XR Pixel Tubes are available individually or in kits of varying sizes, these tubes offer a dynamic spectrum of lighting possibilities. Prices start from £425 Inc VAT for the PavoTube II 15XR, £595 Inc VAT for the PavoTube II 30XR, and £2095 Inc VAT for the PavoTube II 60XR.

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