LoupeDeck Live S: Price, Specs, release date revealed

Loupedeck Live S


Loupedeck has made a name for itself as an innovative manufacturer with an impressive range of products that aid many creative professionals and enthusiasts. The products that made Loupdeck name included the impressive range of customisable consoles for applications, such as Lightroom, now widely used by imaging professionals. 

Now the company has launched the Loupedeck Live S, a new console specifically designed as a simple and affordable way for streamers to control and manage their streams. The new console essentially provides a hardware interface for the Loupedeck software in a compact package. This means that with direct controls at the streamer’s fingertips, valuable screen space is freed. 

Loupedeck has also aimed the Live S pricing at an entry-level price enabling more streamers to access these powerful controls rather than just those already pulling in huge audiences and revenue.

The Live S features multiple integrations enabling streamers to interface directly with cameras, lighting, as well as the more standard software. Utilising applications such as OBS as well as physical lighting sources, including Philips Hue, the streamer can utilise preset functions and features pre-installed or set the control board buttons through custom functions and settings. 

This means that all controls for the application streams from the machine are quick to access, as are live video and audio feeds as well as the streamers scene lighting. A major advantage of this system is that the software and hardware solution enables you to isolate streams so notifications from applications such as chat can be muted. 

Along with the new hardware comes an update to the Loupedeck software. This features an updated action set text editor, icons and more, giving even more customisable controls over the use of the hardware. 

Customisation options through the software enable you to drag and drop actions to a touch button to create centre controls for actions. This function expands on other customisable features that enable streams to expand the dial functionality. 

“Designing products that add value to the online user experience is part of our DNA at Loupedeck,” says Mikko Kesti, CEO and founder of Loupedeck. “The Loupedeck Live S is a natural extension of this mission as we continue to create and bring to market affordable, intuitive, and efficient tools that equip streamers with everything they need to optimise their creative process.” 

Loupedeck Live S is for both Mac and PC

Loupedeck offers plenty of compatibility for Mac and Windows systems and shops with the same software as Liupedeck Live and CT. The hardware itself features a touch panel arranged in a three-by-five grid of buttons that can be expanded by up to 14 pages and activated with a swipe, as well as the touch interface; the Loudedeck Live S also features two dials and four analogue buttons.

Key Loupedeck Live S features include: 

  • Native software integrations support popular streaming tools like Twitch, OBS, Streamlabs, or Voicemod. Plus, optional plugins for creative programs like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro and integrations for additional creative work.
  • Full control over audio and lighting with freely assignable dials for precise adjustments to volume, backlighting and more, as well as a dial push function for mic muting. 
  • Loupedeck Marketplace to download profiles, plugins, icon & sound packs and more from external providers, partners and influencers from a constantly growing content library (currently more than 200 downloadable items). Some of the key Marketplace plugins and profiles include:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator
    • Twitch Studio
    • Light control plugins for Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, Razer and Elgato 
    • Voicemeeter
    • Davinci Resolve Color Panel
    • Notion

“As a music streamer, I love the dials to control the different types of volumes like system volume for videos and Spotify volume for background music,” said Jayne Rio, Twitch Partner. I also love how slim the Live S is, which makes it easily packable.”

The Loupedeck Live S is available online and in stores today for $179. Learn more at https://loupedeck.com/us