List of Top 11 Places for Stargazing in India

List of Top 11 Stargazing Places in India


The reading constellation can never go wrong when connecting dots to form shapes under a clear, dark sky. Even if you have the best home telescope, the street lights, noise, and pollution in the cities undoubtedly interfere with our plan.

View stunning constellations like Cygnus, Orion, Cancer, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Aries, Lyra, Pegasus, and more by following the list below.

1. Nubra Valley, Jammu Kashmir

One of the farthest northerly villages in India is Turtuk, which is encircled by formidable mountain ranges. As one of the entrances to Siachen Glacier, it is also strategically significant as a location in the Nubra Valley, and you need a permit to enter the valley. Nubra provides a fantastic opportunity to gaze at the crystalline shines in the night sky in addition to the historic monasteries and Bactrian camel rides. This location is friendlier than the surrounding areas due to its 3001 m elevation. Therefore, for the best atmosphere, schedule a road trip from Leh to Nubra Valley (150 km) between April and June and between September and October.

2. Neil Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The ideal location for stargazing is Shaheedweep, also known as Neil, a tiny island surrounded by the Bay of Bengal 40 kilometres northeast of Port Blair. Stunning scenery is created when the azure water blends with the starry, starry night sky after sunset. Since the sky is so clear all year long, it appears as though the stars are only a hand’s length away from this location.

3. Rann of Kutch in Gujarat

The biggest salt marshes on earth, known for their mudflats and marshlands, are also well-known for their clear night sky views. With the naked eye, the six magnitudes of stars are visible from this location. Astrophysicists can capture stunning astrophotography thanks to the desert’s eerie silence. Winter, or the months from October to February, is the ideal time to travel to Rann of Kutch.

4. Mandarmani in West Bengal

West Bengal’s little-known seaside village of Mandarmani is located away from the bustle of the city. This beautiful location offers a clear night sky that is ideal for observing stars.

5. Tarkali, Maharashtra

Tarkarli, a peaceful seaside community in Maharashtra, is about 475 kilometres from Mumbai. The area is well-known for its warm white sand, swaying palms, and calm blue waters. It is also a great location for stargazing excursions because the sky is pollution-free and clear enough to see constellations. Kashid beach is another location in Maharashtra to view the stars.

6. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Due to its high elevation, clear skies, and absence of light pollution, the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is another well-known destination for stargazing in India. the nighttime glittering displays of the Milky Way and stars. At 4270 metres above sea level, Kibber or Kyibar in the Spiti Valley is the highest motorable village in the world and a well-liked location for stargazing.

7. Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh

A high-altitude lake at 4,225 metres above sea level, Pangong TSO is renowned for its breathtaking views and ever-changing colours. The reflection of starry sky outlines in the Pangong Tso landscape at night transforms it into a mesmerizingly beautiful scene. May through September are the best months to see the Milky Way’s countless stars.

8. Coorg Karnataka

It is a premier hill location amidst the breathtaking Western Ghats mountain range. The clear and tranquil environment of Coorg transforms the night sky into a majestic canopy of starry outlines. To view the breathtaking scenes of the stars peeking from behind the mountain peaks, many adventurers set up camp in Coorg’s woods. The best time to visit Coorg for stargazing is from October to March.

9. Mt Katao in Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Katao in the Yumthang Valley, one of Sikkim’s best-kept travel secrets, is the picture of tranquilly. This traveller’s paradise is a great choice for people who want to go on a stargazing trip because of its lofty snow-covered peaks, emerald slopes, and charming villages scattered with multicoloured prayer flags.

10. Sonmarg, J&K

Sonmarg has historical significance because it serves as the entry point to the historic Silk Road, a high-altitude mountain pass that connects Kashmir with China. Additionally, due to the lack of pollution and noise in this area, the night sky is a transparent shade with millions of sparkling stars

11. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Fort’s serene desert setting offers a wonderful opportunity to observe the night sky’s constellations. The absence of pollution is essential for capturing breathtaking nighttime scenes like sand dunes covered in a sparkling canopy.

FYI, Research has shown that stargazing makes us more empathetic toward other people and calms our minds and spirits. You’re not the only one looking for serenity, calm, and a sense of direction during this period of utter chaos.