List of Celebration Ideas and Activities for School Students

List of Celebration Ideas and Activities for School Students


World Photography Day 2023: This article presents a list of celebration ideas and activities for celebrating World Photography Day in schools. You can use these ideas to organize fun, interesting activities that will also be filled with learning.

World Photography Day 2023: How often do you take photographs? How often do you post them online? How often do you take selfies? Don’t we all live in a world where photographs have become an indistinctive part of us like our daily habits? In today’s day and age, every person with a mobile phone wants to click amazing pictures and save them as memories. Our craziness for pictures has extended to a level that mobile phone companies solely function and sell themselves for their camera quality. But, the art of photography dates back decades ago, before the invention of mobile phones. This is how integral photography has been in our lives.

To celebrate this art, every year on 19th August, the world observes World Photography Day. On this day, people all across the globe take part in photography challenges surrounded by a central theme. For World Photography Day 2023, the theme is centered around “Landscapes”. People who have taken amazing shots of landscapes can post it online on their social media handles and use the hashtag, #WorldPhotographyDay2023. They can also write the story behind the photograph that they are posting.

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To instill the art of photography and its importance in students, this day is celebrated in various schools worldwide. Are you looking for some fun activities to conduct for students in school? Then, you’ve come to the right place. This article is just for you. Here, we have presented a few interesting World Photography Day school activities and celebration ideas for school students.

World Photography Day Celebration Ideas and Activities for School Students

(i) Organizing a photography workshop– Schools can organize a photography workshop for students where a renowned photographer can be called and asked to conduct an interactive session with students. The workshop can be conducted on topics such as the relevance of photographs in the modern world, the evolution of photography, the misuse of photography in the digital era, the impact of photography, and many more.

(ii) Photography Exhibition– Students can be taken to the nearest photography exhibit in the city. Students can learn a lot about the art of photography, different angles, different shots, usage and importance of various angles, famous photographs, famous photographers of the world, what kind of photographs are impactful, which photographs have created history, and so much more.

(iii) Ride of Nostalgia– In this activity, students can be asked to bring a photograph of their childhood and everyone in the classroom can share some amazing childhood incidents.

(iv) Classroom Shoot– In this activity, teachers can click some memorable photographs of the class which can then be used to decorate the class itself. These pictures will make the day a memorable one. A photoshoot challenge can also be organized among students, where they will be divided into groups of five and the group who comes up with the most unique poses will get a price.

(v) What do I say?– Here, students will be divided into groups with equal members. Teachers or coordinators of the activity will hand out a photograph to each group. Students have to identify the story behind the picture. They have to analyse what the picture aims to say. This activity can also teach students the art of analysing pictures.

(vi) Photo Contest– For this activity, students will have to be taken to a place and asked to click pictures as per their visualization ability. Then, students will have to pick their best click and submit it to the teacher. The best three pictures will be awarded with certificates and prizes.

(vii) Guess Me– In this game, teachers will show a picture related to any particular area or part of the school. The students will have to identify the correct location by raising their hands first. The student who makes the maximum right guesses will be awarded.

(viii) Photography projects– In this activity, students will be given a theme such as nature photography, street photography, etc. Each student from the class will have to make a photography project on that theme with at least 10 photographs. Remember that the pictures must be clicked by students only, since they will be asked to explain the picture in class. The most unique thoughtful, creative, and skillful photography project would be awarded. It is also important to note that captions play an important role in photography. Thus, each picture must also have a unique and thoughtful caption.

Since photography has become an indispensable part of our lives, it is important for students to be able to interpret the messages sent by the picture. Analysis of pictures is an important activity in today’s digital and social media world. Photography should be learned by students not only for posting their pictures online, but also to be able to analyse what’s wrong and what’s right in a picture, what kind of picture should go online, how fake pictures can be identified and how can they be stopped from spreading, and much more.

We hope these activities would add some value to your World Photography Day. These celebration ideas have been curated to engage students in fun activities while imparting the right knowledge and information required for today’s generation.