Kenny & Becky | Caroline Logan Photography

Kenny & Becky | Caroline Logan Photography



They met in middle school… and according to Becky, she fell for him right away and “it took a bit of chasing for him to notice me, but once he did we were inseparable.”

And so their middle school relationship began. But when Becky’s family moved away, their relationship at the time couldn’t go the distance (they had *not* having their licenses to thank for that).

Years later, on Kenny’s 21st birthday, he texted Becky to say hello… completely out of the blue. They talked that entire night. A few days later, she was out with friends when she randomly saw Kenny’s face on a poster, advertising an upcoming event he’d be playing guitar at. Having just spoken with him, then seeing his face on that poster, she decided that was the sign she needed to go see him play.

As you can imagine, the rest is history… they hit it off and it was like no time had passed at all. <3

A few more years of dating later, and it was just before the holidays when Becky was slammed at work, managing three accounts from sun up to sun down. When Kenny got back from work, he told her he was surprising her with a dinner out to her favorite restaurant because he knew how stressful her week was. She was reluctant at first to go because of her workload, but Kenny managed to convince her. On the way to what she *thought* was the restaurant, Kenny pulled over and said he wanted to give her a Christmas gift. Just then, she noticed they’d stopped in front of their middle school. As they walked up to the school, Kenny started with “I’ve loved you since we were 13” and proceeded to get down on one knee and ask Becky to spend forever with him. To which she responded an “obviously yes” !!!

EVERYONE is counting down to this long awaited day in store, next summer at The Farm at Eagles Ridge and I’m so honored to be the one to document it all!! For now, enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session! Xo

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