Kate Middleton dubbed ‘Princess Shuffle’ after Photo Op from Demark goes viral

Kate Middleton dubbed ‘Princess Shuffle’ after Photo Op from Demark goes viral


Kate Middleton exhibited some fancy footwork as she scooted closer to Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary in a resurfaced moment that went viral, via People Magazine.

During her visit to Copenhagen two months ago, the Princess of Wales, 41, posed for pictures to the Danish royals. In the clip, the queen, 83, motioned for Kate to stand closer to her, she discreetly scooted closer to the monarch via a heel-toe slide which TikTok users have dubbed the ‘Princess Shuffle.’

The video was posted by @the.royal.watcher on TikTok on Monday, and it already has more than 1 million views and 50,000 likes.

“And in heels!” remarked one commenter, zooming in on Kate’s black stiletto pumps. “I would definitely get caught on the carpet and wipe out.”

“I’m going to do that next time I’m taking a photo with someone,” said another.

“This will never not be funny to me [crying laughing emoji] the Queen literally invited her to come in closer. She didn’t need to shuffle in [crying emoji],” one person commented.

Another commentator added, “This is less discreet and less smooth than just taking that tiny step over.”

One fan chimed in, “Shufffffffle!! Discreet and elegant love you Kate [Loved up emojis]”

The Denmark trip was a chance for Princess of Wales to learn how the country, a close ally of Great Britain, had “created an enabling culture for early childhood development, specifically how it has promoted infant mental wellbeing alongside physical health, and how it harnesses the power of nature, relationships and playful learning in the first five years of life,” Kensington Palace announced at the time.