Indian Railways Shares ‘Magical’ Play of Light in Photos Captured From Running Train

Indian Railways Shares 'Magical' Play of Light in Photos Captured From Running Train

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Indian Railways Shares ‘Magical’ Play of Light in Photos Captured From Running Train

Travellers, especially those who enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature, frequently find train journeys in India through the country’s diverse terrains and picturesque sceneries to be mesmerising experiences. The Ministry of Railways has also joined in, sharing a few images from a train journey captured by the Twitter handle ‘The Train Story,’ which has left Twitter users speechless. The stunning images were taken from a moving train.

The Train Story’s bio describes the profile as “A Picturesque Biography. An Initiative for the Indian Railways Network.” People were drawn to the images which looked straight from a sci-fi movie. The ministry tweeted, “Magical play of light caught through the running train. PC: The Train Story ” The photos show how the light was caught through a running high-speed train.

Since being shared three days ago, the tweet has received over 900 likes and more than 470 retweets. Several users went on to respond to the amazing pictures in the comments sections.

One user wrote, “Truly beautiful, long exposure light trails are always a delight. The 3rd pic is sublime, composition is brilliant.”

Another user commented, “Looks like we travelling space with the help of hyper drive technology. It’s amazing feeling to see my nation CHANGING adopting good habits.”

The Train Story shared a similar image as a part of their initiative.

The description for the image read, “Chapter: The Train Chaser. Standing at the door, as the train departs slowly from the station, hearing the sunset’s Islamic call to prayer from far, waving to the children standing at the track one side. I once again begin my journey and this time to experience the night on the railway tracks. As the train speeds up through the city area, a different view strike my eyes and that’s the flashing of lights, just like any sci-fi movie scene. At the door, I witness the magical play of light through the moving train.”

People who are interested in photography can also try their hand at capturing some incredible moments from their journey.

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