I used the latest GoPro for astrophotography. Here’s how I got on

Using GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini for astrophotography


Can a GoPro do astrophotography? Common sense says an action camera primarily designed for filming high-octane videos of bike rides and TikTok shorts isn’t going to be much use when the sun goes down. However, just as smartphone cameras now use low-noise sensors to fuel impressive ‘night modes’ so the GoPro is, with every iteration, getting better at coping with low light and even complete darkness.

‘Night Photo’ and ‘Night Lapse’ have been available on the GoPro for a few years, but new to the GoPro Hero 11 Black and GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini are three new night effects modes – ‘Star Trails’, ‘Light Painting’ and ‘Vehicle Light Trails’. They join ‘Night Photo’ (only on the Go Pro Hero 11 Black) and ‘Night Lapse’ to create a generous niche of night effects.