Google’s Humorous New Pixel Ads Argue the iPhone Has Plateaued

Google's Humorous New Pixel Ads Argue the iPhone Has Plateaued


Google today launched a humorous “BestPhonesForever” ad campaign that pits the latest Pixel smartphones against the iPhone, painting the ‌iPhone‌ as an old, outdated phone that was once great, but can no longer keep up with the younger smartphones (via 9to5Google).

There are a series of five ads. In “Plateau,” the ‌iPhone‌ laments being 14 years old and unable to keep up with Pixel features like 30x zoom, astrophotography, and AI. The Pixel smartphone comforts the ‌iPhone‌ by mentioning the ‌iPhone‌’s blue bubbles.

“The bubbles! The bubbles! Is all I have to show for all my years on earth the color of a bubble? I mean, millions of people have waited in line for me,” bemoans the ‌iPhone‌. Eventually, the ‌iPhone‌ runs out of battery, and the Pixel phone is left calling for a charger. “Ah quick! Somebody get a Lightning charger!”

In another ad, the two smartphones are star gazing and the ‌iPhone‌ is lamenting that it isn’t able to see the stars like the Pixel can with its astrophotography mode, while a third ad makes fun of Apple’s privacy stance on public WiFi.

“I’m freaking out! Quick, get off the public Wi-Fi,” says the ‌iPhone‌ dramatically. “There are… hackers, in this place.” The Pixel smartphone reassures the ‌iPhone‌ that the Pixel has a built-in VPN that keeps it safe, a function not available on the ‌iPhone‌.

In a fourth spot, the pixel smartphone suggests shooting some videos before noticing that the ‌iPhone‌ has a dead battery. The Pixel uses Qi-based charging to charge up the ‌iPhone‌ on the fly. A final video sees the ‌iPhone‌ jealously recounting all of the Pixel’s features. The Pixel shows off its latest feature, folding technology, and the ‌iPhone‌ faints in shock. “What year is it? Do we have flying cars yet?” asks the ‌iPhone‌.

Google is using the “BestPhonesForever” tag with the new campaign, which is highlighting the Pixel Fold. Google came out with the Pixel Fold back in May, with the smartphone priced at $1,800. Apple has not yet come out with a foldable smartphone and there is no word on when the company plans to do so.