Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets astrophotography support

Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets astrophotography support


Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 is picking up a new trick, with support for astrophotography officially arriving on the device this week.

A new update headed out to Galaxy Z Fold 4 owners using Samsung’s “Expert RAW” app brings support for astrophotography to the flagship foldable.

Fold 4 owners on Reddit spotted the addition, including showing off support for showing outlines of constellations on the screen.

Samsung’s take on astrophotography can capture data for lengthy periods of time, even capturing the movement of the stars in the sky during the shot. Google’s Pixel phones have also supported astrophotography modes for the past few generations, but with limited improvements over time. The feature also doesn’t have a dedicated mode like Samsung’s, with Pixels just repurposing Night Sight for these kinds of shots, but delivering spectacular results at times.

What’s really fun about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 getting astrophotography support is that this allows owners to take great advantage of the Fold’s “Flex Mode” hinge, which can position the cameras at a certain angle perfectly still. Many have used that feature, especially on Galaxy Z Flip devices, for selfies as it’s quite convenient to have what is effectively a tripod on hand at all times.

Image: u/AnmolJain85

Samsung is also rolling out support for astrophotography to the Galaxy S21 series with this update, as SamMobile spotted.

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