Front’s furniture for Moroso mimics rock formations

Front's furniture for Moroso mimics rock formations

Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, of Swedish design studio Front, have created ‘Pebble Rubble’, a modular seating system inspired by rocks for Moroso, with textiles created in collaboration with Kvadrat Febrik.

Nature has been a recurring theme throughout the work of the studio: living in Sweden, ‘nature is always around the corner,’ the designers say. Over the past several years, the pair have worked to develop a body of work inspired and informed by nature, which has now resulted in the ‘Pebble Rubble’ system for Moroso. 

Taking themselves to Swedish forests to photograph and scan the environment (as well as working with an international network of scientists and researchers), Lagerkvist and Lindgren gained an understanding of the architecture of the forest and its living systems. 

‘Pebble Rubble’ sofa element, from £5,970; pouf, from £1,570, both by Front, for Moroso, upholstered in ‘Arda’ fabric, by Front, for Kvadrat Febrik 

(Image credit: Tom Hancocks)

‘As children in our native Sweden, our playground was the forest, and we imagined rocks, moss and fallen trees to be furniture and places for the body to rest and occupy,’ say the designers of their process.

The pair worked with Moroso and Kvadrat Febrik to recreate natural surfaces on textiles using 3D scanning and photography: the upholstered volumes of ‘Pebble Rubble’ mimic weathered rocks, and are combined into traditional furniture functions that include sofas, armchairs and stools. The system is composed of 15 modules (seats and backrests) and three additional stools: together, they allow a multitude of compositions to create functional seating.

‘It’s an interplay between design and nature that is very important in these times,’ says Patrizia Moroso. ‘We have so much to learn from nature.’ (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)