From The Streets Of Old Quarter Of Dubai By Ashraful Arefin

From The Streets Of Old Quarter Of Dubai By Ashraful Arefin

Whenever I heard about Dubai it’s always the modern architecture, high-rise buildings, lavish lifestyle, and super big malls. When I wanted to try street photography there I looked for something different and then I came across the Old Dubai area. It’s actually an area dedicated to the old culture and renovated to look like an ancient city. Even though it’s more of a tourist attraction, I found some genuine people and interesting lifestyles around the area. It was crowded, filled with small shops, and more lively than the modern streets in Dubai.

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About Ashraful Arefin

Ashraful Arefin is a Fine Art Photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, born in May 3rd of 1987. Ashraful was always very interested in drawing and painting, and wanted to be an artist from the childhood. He started studying Fine Arts and have chosen Graphic Design as the major in the university. Ashraful was photographically born in 2013 when he started doing a 365 project, and completely fell in love with photography and found his true passion for it. Ashraful has been very much inspired by the simple little things and tries to portray his appreciations for the beauty of simple things through his works. In short, He works to capture beauty and emotion within his photographic frame by using colours and simple techniques.

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