From Hobby to Lifestyle, How AstroBackyard is Bringing Awareness to the Joy of Astrophotography

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NIAGARA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2023 / Have you ever imagined how it feels to be in touch with what is going on in outer space? Most people rely on high-end space telescopes and observatories like NASA’s JWST, European Space Agency’s Gaia, or ISRO’s AstroSat! Apart from its science and technicalities, astrophotography is about appreciating the intricate details of the night sky and bringing joy to others too. Photographing the night sky and deep space objects is often perceived as an expensive and tedious hobby, requiring a lot of money and hard work. However, AstroBackyard, an Ontario-based, astrophotography knowledge and resource-sharing platform, seeks to deconstruct this misconstrued perception.

AstroBackyard was established by Trevor Jones in 2015 to inspire and educate aspiring astrophotographers in their journey and equipping them with the knowledge required to take breathtaking space photos. In order to achieve this mission, the platform shares resources and technical know-how, involving a large community of astrophotographers. In addition, the platform also provides learners and astrophotography enthusiasts with tutorials explaining both the basic and advanced lessons. Through the exceptionally popular YouTube channel, having around half a million subscriber base, AstroBackyard provides detailed video lessons. Trevor Jones presents videos detailing his extensive experience and knowledge of more than 10 years with his online audience.

The platform familiarizes learners with powerful image-acquisition tools, best practices in the field, and advanced image-processing techniques, etc. Subject matter included in the tutorials includes how to polar align the mount, how to take pictures of the moon, how to photograph the milky way, how to take flat and dark frames, ways to improve DSLR astrophotography and even how to photograph a rare comet. The platform sheds light on suitable equipment for astrophotography, as well as technical and operational details.

Trevor Jones, the mastermind behind the platform, AstroBackyard, has always been passionate about photographing the night sky and its mysterious details. He has always believed that enabling people to appreciate the night sky and its beauty and peace would provide them with aesthetic and therapeutic benefits. The commitment to his passion eventually led him to quit his full-time job as a content marketer in a small business and dedicate his full time to astrophotography. Along with his wife, he has turned his backyard into a location for photographing the night sky and filming his video tutorials. Apart from his passion, what makes Trevor focused on astrophotography is his strong desire to make it approachable and accessible to everyone.

The limitations in terms of the technical aspects of the equipment used, the role of telescopes in capturing the details in better clarity, and many other factors make astrophotography inaccessible for many. In order to assist them to overcome these challenges, Trevor started providing detailed video sessions explaining how it works for him and what techniques he uses in astrophotography. The responses to his videos were exceptional. His efforts paid off by bringing him a huge number of subscribers from across the globe. The knowledge and experience he shares through all of his social media platforms under the brand AstroBackyard have so far made him a pioneer in astrophotography.

Today Trevor Jones and his AstroBackyard have become authentic sources of knowledge and experience when it comes to astrophotography. He makes the art and science of astrophotography accessible and enjoyable to more than half a million people across the world. His platform also spreads awareness of the increasing issue of light pollution and highlights its washing-out effect on astrophotography. “My goal is to make astrophotography a mainstream hobby and profession. My platform AstroBackyard provides all the necessary support to young photographers to start their astrophotography careers. Apart from the science and technicalities involved in it, I want people to enjoy the exciting fun side of astrophotography. My YouTube channel is committed to enabling people to learn the basics of this art and equip them to take their own photos of the night sky”, says Trevor Jones, Founder of AstroBackyard.

About AstroBackyard Inc

AstroBackyard is an online resource and a greater community for astrophotographers. Their mission is to inspire and educate beginners on starting their astrophotography journey and eventually taking their own images of the night sky. This includes content related to image acquisition, image processing, equipment reviews, and step-by-step tutorials. As the name suggests, the journey of AstroBackyard started in an urban residential backyard with seasoned astrophotographer Trevor Jones, sharing his ten-plus years of experience with an online audience. As a member of the International Dark-Sky Association, AstroBackyard also advocates for dark-sky locations and educates others on the issues related to light pollution and the effect it has on our ability to enjoy the night sky.

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