Friday’s news roundup for Beaufort County + nature photo of the day

Friday’s news roundup for Beaufort County + nature photo of the day

Good afternoon on Friday, Aug. 4.

People who know things about the weather say we have to thank the rain for lowering our temperatures slightly. I guess I’ll try to be thankful and curl up with a book instead of trying to work in my yard on these rainy afternoons.

Here’s today’s top news:

1. Two new fast casual restaurant chains — Surcheros Fresh Mex and Chicken Salad Chick — are coming to Beaufort Station, the $60 million shopping center that’s now under construction at Parris Island Gateway and Robert Smalls Parkway. Find out when they’re scheduled to open in this update from reporter Karl Puckett.

2. Beaufort County Schools’ book review committees voted this week to ban a fourth book from library shelves: “Forever for a Year” by B.T. Gottfried. Reporter Mary Dimitrov, who has been covering the fight over banning books, explains what the committees found inappropriate about this novel.

3. Nearly 30 years after a dead woman’s body was found in a drainage ditch along a Yemassee road, police identified her as Maria Telles-Gonzalez, a resident of Kissimmee, Florida. Now, investigators have released new information about their search for “Carlos” — a former close friend of Gonzalez — who could be crucial in finding out who killed her and why.

4. Southern Living magazine released a list of 13 restaurants it recommends on Hilton Head, some newer and some landmark establishments. (We’re going to try to let it slide that two of them aren’t actually on the island.) If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut when deciding where to dine out, maybe put these in a hat, draw one and let fate make your choice. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

5. In his latest column, Rabbi Brad Bloom of Hilton Head shares that, when we see thousands of Israeli protesters marching in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv on the news, we may not be seeing the whole picture. There are many different kinds of Jews, secular and religious. Will this political chaos divide them more or lead to a compromise and greater unity?

Photo finish

Randy Grundleger shared this photo of a dragonfly in Sun City’s butterfly garden.

Randy Grundleger shared this artistic photo of a dragonfly in Sun City’s butterfly garden.

I have received some wonderful photos lately. Please keep sending them, and I’ll share one every weekday here. Email, and include your name and where you took the shot. Submitting a photo gives The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette permission to publish it.

Be sure to check for the latest news through the weekend.

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