Explore Boundless Imagination with GODOX AK-R21 Projection Attachment

Explore Boundless Imagination with GODOX AK-R21 Projection Attachment


Photographers and videographers seeking to take their creativity to new heights need to look no further than the GODOX AK-R21 projection attachment. This revolutionary tool allows users to explore their boundless imagination with complete transparency sets, bringing stunning shapes, colours, and artistic elements to their images.

Compatible with AD200Pro (round head and Fresnel’s head), AD100Pro, V1, and nearly all camera flashes across brands, the AK-R21 is the perfect combination of simplicity and possibility. With dedicated lenses of optional focal length, including a 65mm lens and two additional options at 50mm and 83mm, this attachment is built precisely to eliminate colour aberration from centre to edge, throwing explicit shapes and vivid images as if coming alive.

Turn the barrel to get a sharper or blurrier projection to achieve the ideal effect. Before firing, preview the result with the modelling light or the stroboscopic flash function of your Godox flashes. The projector is 360° rotatable when attached to flashes, and the mounting ring is marked with degree numbers for easy and precise adjustments.

Designed with a universal 1/4-inch mount on the adapters, the AK-R21 can be attached directly to a light stand or a flash. A series of supporting accessories are available to hold and hide the attachment, making it the perfect choice for any genre of photography, from portrait to product to landscape.

The world is your studio, and with the GODOX AK-R21 projection attachment, magical moments happen in a blink. For more information and to purchase the AK-R21, visit https://godox.com/product-b/AK-R21.html.