Exascend announce ESSENTIAL CFEXPRESS TYPE A card

Exascend announce ESSENTIAL CFEXPRESS TYPE A card


Exascend is a little-known memory card manufacturer here in the UK but globally are well-established and has passed the certification requirements of DJI, RED, BMD and Z CAM. The company has just released its Essential series CFexpress Type A memory card, which promises to deliver cinema-grade performance in a compact form factor. Optimized for professional photography and cinematography, the Essential CFexpress Type A card features patented technologies to ensure top-level stability without dropping frames.

One of the key selling points of the Essential CFexpress Type A card is its transfer speed. The card offers read and write speeds of up to 900 MB/s and 800 MB/s, respectively. This means that professionals can transfer large image and video files quickly and efficiently, allowing for a more streamlined workflow.

For photographers and videographers, fast transfer speeds are essential for keeping up with the demands of modern-day production. With high-resolution cameras producing larger files, it can take considerable time to transfer files from the camera to a computer. This can slow down the creative process and sometimes result in missed opportunities.

The Essential CFexpress Type A card’s fast transfer speeds can help to eliminate these issues. Photographers and videographers can transfer files quickly, allowing them to return to the creative process sooner. This can lead to more efficient productions and more time to capture that perfect shot.

In addition to fast transfer speeds, the Essential CFexpress Type A card also features Exascend’s patented SuperCruise technology, which enhances sustained performance, and Adaptive Thermal Control technology, which tackles the issue of overheating and thermal throttling in high-performance PCIe NVMe flash storage devices.

The Essential CFexpress Type A card is fully compatible with all existing camera systems utilizing CFexpress Type A currently on the market, including Sony a1, a7S III, A7 IV, FX3, and FX6. With a rugged product design, the card is protected against shocks, vibrations, magnetism, and more, making it a durable option for photographers and videographers working in demanding environments.

Overall, the Essential CFexpress Type A card from Exascend offers fast transfer speeds and patented technologies that can benefit photographers and videographers looking for a reliable and efficient storage solution. With a range of capacities available, professionals can choose the option that best suits their needs and take their productions to the next level.

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