Enhance Your Photos with Photo Grade Studio

Enhance Your Photos with Photo Grade Studio


Photo Grade Studio is a new player in the photo enhancement software market and has been produced by the same team behind the phenomenal CinemaGrade for video. Like the proven colour-grading editor of CinemaGrade that helps to simplify enhancing video, the tools and interface of Photo Grade offer you similar ease of enhancement for your photos without the need for complex functions and buttons. Within just a few minutes, you can achieve professional results.

Photo Grade Studio offers a standalone editor and a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, making it accessible within the software you are familiar with.

One of the standout features of Photo Grade Studio is its point-and-click grading capabilities in the viewer. With a big, beautiful viewer, you can easily grade your photos precisely and easily. Including waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope, and false colour features ensures you always achieve perfect colours.

Photo Grade Studio provides over 60 colourist-designed presets to streamline your editing process further. These Moody Colorist Presets instantly give your photos a high-end, airy look in seconds. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge to achieve a unique and stylish result. The presets make it effortless to add a touch of creativity to your images.

The LUT & Preset Previewer feature of Photo Grade Studio enables real-time previews of presets and your favourite imported LUTs as thumbnails. This visual feedback lets you make informed decisions and choose the perfect photo look.

With Photo Grade Studio’s proprietary colourist grading process, you can finish projects faster and achieve consistent results. The batch processing feature enables you to apply the same grading to multiple photos, ensuring a consistent look throughout your work.

Photo Grade Studio offers the Color Grading Academy as a bonus, providing step-by-step guidance from beginner to advanced colour grading techniques. You’ll also receive practice images to gain practical experience and film add-ons that replicate the look of celluloid film. The Look Hacking System also allows you to recreate the style of your favourite images or artists.

Visit the official website of Photo Grade Studio at https://www.photograde.app/studio/