Discover the MOLUS X100: A Powerful, Portable COB Light by ZHIYUN

Discover the MOLUS X100: A Powerful, Portable COB Light by ZHIYUN


As a creative professional, you need reliable, high-quality tools to bring your vision to life. That’s where ZHIYUN comes in. Known for their innovative and user-friendly camera stabilizers, ZHIYUN has now released the MOLUS X100, a compact and powerful COB light that weighs a mere 385g. This lightweight marvel is 30% lighter than its 100W counterparts, yet it rivals even heavier cinematic lights in terms of professional power output.

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With the X100, you can easily adjust the colour temperature and brightness to achieve your desired effect. Whether you’re live streaming, capturing portrait photography, filming TV commercials or interviews, or snapping still-life photos, the X100 is versatile enough to perform exceptionally in a variety of professional scenarios.

One of the standout features of the MOLUS X100 is ZHIYUN’s patented DynaVort Cooling System. This innovative system utilizes gyroscope modelling heat sinks and field-oriented control fans to deliver uninterrupted, silky-smooth illumination. By intelligently controlling airflow emissions, the DynaVort Cooling System prevents overheating and ensures you enjoy 100% flicker-free lighting.

The X100 is also compatible with the ZY Mount ecosystem, making it easy to customize your setup. When you’re on the go, a convenient storage bag ensures fast, hassle-free setup, no matter where you are.

Zhiyun MOLUS X100

Thanks to the MOLUS X100’s Bluetooth Mesh Efficient Remote Control feature, you can effortlessly control and adjust your lighting from the palm of your hand. Plus, the light’s Music Mode synchronizes the lighting with your music, creating a unique atmosphere for your projects.

Upgrade to the X100 Pro package and receive a range of power supply accessories, such as an X100 grip battery, light modifiers like the Mini Reflector (ZY Mount), Bowen Mount Adapter (ZY Mount), and Mini Softbox (ZY Mount). The Pro package also includes storage accessories like a power adapter organizer bag, storage bag, and pocket light strap, as well as a quick start guide.

The MOLUS X100 is available for purchase from ZHIYUN stores or Amazon for £269, with the Combo package priced at £369 and the Pro package at £419. In the words of Yilun Liao, ZHIYUN’s products are designed to “inspire anyone passionate enough to turn their imagination into reality.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your creative projects with the powerful, portable, and versatile MOLUS X100 COB light by ZHIYUN. Experience the difference that professional-grade lighting can make in your work, and let your imagination run wild.