Creating A Great Photo With A Vancouver Headshot Photographer

Vancouver Headshot Photographer


Headshot photography entails creating photos that look natural and authentic for casting directors or employers to see the real you in these photographs.

Vancouver Headshot Photographer


Headshot photography requires making sure that the subject’s face is properly illuminated. Therefore, for best results it is often shot using natural or soft artificial lighting without harsh shadows and glare, as well as featuring an uncluttered background that keeps the focus solely on their face.

While many assume a quality headshot must include full-length photos, this isn’t always necessary. Some actors prefer head and shoulders shots because they find them easier for conveying emotions and range with their faces.

When posing clients, photographers will encourage them to use various facial expressions such as frowning, puckering the forehead/eyebrows, squinting eyes, crinkle eyebrows or make other facial movements while playing around with different smirks and smiles for optimal results.

Headshots typically call for one light that illuminates all aspects of the subject’s face – either inside a studio, outdoors or both. Adding another light can provide more dramatic or vignette effects behind the subject and ensure a high shutter speed to minimize camera shake or subject movement during shooting.


An effective headshot will showcase you in their best light. However, in order to do this successfully, lighting and composition must also be considered when taking this image. You can visit this site for more information on taking good photographs.

A photographer will start by talking to you about what you expect out of their session in order to gain insight into its overall theme and style. They will suggest settings and compositions to highlight your best features.

For example, a professional actor’s headshot must feature their face and eyes for maximum impact; on the other hand, those looking to establish themselves as executives or thought leaders might opt for more full-body shots with vibrant backdrops.

Photoshop or another photo-editing software can also help enhance the image quality of your headshots, from fixing white balance and exposure adjustments, to adding contrast that brings out details in eyes.

Furthermore, higher-level retouching may also be used to soften skin or remove blemishes – but take care not to go overboard. A Vancouver headshot photographer may also offer this service as an add-on. Be sure to inquire up front to ensure it is available if you are interested in this service.

Vancouver Headshot Photographer


Though professional headshots focus on the face, their surroundings also play a pivotal role. A corporate job may require an objective backdrop while creative industries often prefer bold colors or unusual textures. Color and personal taste should all be considered when selecting an ideal backdrop.

White remains the go-to headshot background, but a professional photographer should offer clients alternative choices as well. Grey offers an ideal alternative, giving your headshot a more subdued aesthetic. A dark background has also become increasingly popular for creative industries professionals; creating an ethereal aesthetic and helping outfit colors pop!

Your options for backgrounds range from brick walls, buildings, textures such as lines or plant life; beautiful natural scenery like lakes, woods or flower fields may also work; for more formal headshots you could use your studio or business’s location as the setting. You can visit for more background ideas.

Some subjects may desire photographs with more natural backgrounds that they can use on social media, their website and printed materials to represent themselves more authentically. This may be especially applicable to thought leaders, business professionals and others looking to showcase their personality through photographs.

Vancouver Headshot Photographer

Getting Started

Before a headshot session begins, it is crucial that both you and the photographer have an understanding of where it will be displayed; this will allow them to plan the most effective shoot in order to obtain the best photo.

Headshots should go beyond mere visual identification; they should convey more about an individual’s character and attitude. The best photographers will have a mastery of people skills in order to help you feel relaxed while eliciting genuine expressions.

Before beginning a shoot, it is crucial that a pre-session consultation be held between photographer and client either in-person or over the phone. This consultation allows photographers to get acquainted with their clients while discussing desired looks as well as any concerns or queries the client might have.

A good photographer will help you bring your ideal headshot to life.

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