Comedy Pets Photography Awards Celebrates the Crazy, Cuddly, and Candid Lives of Our Fur Babies– LOOK

Comedy Pets Photography Awards Celebrates the Crazy, Cuddly, and Candid Lives of Our Fur Babies– LOOK


A Life-Changing Event, Beirut, Lebanon. © Michel Zoghzoghi/Comedy Pet Awards,

Now in its fourth year, the Comedy Pet Awards, a photography contest looking to capture the playful, the bizarre, and the hilarious character we all know resides within our fur babies, just concluded in London.

The winner this year was Michel Zoghzoghi, who travels the world shooting pictures of big and fearsome cats among other wildlife. He took first prize when he captured his playful rescues in action, with the rambunctious Max ambushing the timid Alex.

As the winner of the top prize, Michel received £500 cash, a fantastic camera bag
from ThinkTank, and a beautiful bespoke trophy.

“This is still a very young competition in the whole scheme of things, but within a few short years we are already receiving some of the most uplifting, life-affirming hilarious images of pets in the world!” stated Tom Sullam, Co-founder of the Comedy Pet Awards.

“I couldn’t be more excited to share these with you all. Pets have played a fundamental role during the COVID years, and to be able to laugh out loud with these loveable creatures is the reason this competition exists.”

Barkin! New York City, USA © Chris Porsz/Comedy Pet Awards.

“In March 2019 I was sitting in the Union Square New York dog run when I spotted a lady with a pink bag on her hand (to keep her hand clean) throwing a ball to her dog which was sat down facing her. The dog then launched itself and flipped in mid-air to face me and snap!”

Football free kick, Fukuoka, Japan.© Kenichi Morinaga/Comedy Pet Awards
The Three Greys. Landstuhlh, Germany. © Klaus-Peter Selzer/Comedy Pet Awards.

“Karin and her two dogs, don’t they look the same?

Zorro Reborn. Fahrdorf, Germany. © Karl Goldhamer/Comedy Pet Awards

“The avenger of the poor is back, but this time as a dog and not on a horse, but in a car! The obligatory black mask is a must, of course.”

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