CJPOTY round 7 winners – Camera Jabber

CJPOTY round 7 winners - Camera Jabber


The theme for the July 2023 round of the Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year (CJPOTY) competition was ‘Summer’. As usual, selecting the top ten images, and deciding the overall winner for the month was tough. After much debate, we are very happy to announce that the following images will be added to our shortlist to be judged by our illustrious panel of judges at the end of the year.

One of these ten shortlisted images has also been selected as the round winner, with the photographer being awarded a voucher from MPB worth £500 – scroll down to find out who.

CJPOTY July 2023 ‘Summer’ shortlisted images

Sara Jazbar

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - sunflower field

Sunflowers are Sara’s favourite summer flower, and this image is from the first time she was been able to shoot a field full of them. She got lucky as a storm was approaching, making the dramatic sky seen here, but she also managed to get undercover before the rain started pouring down. This shot was captured using a Nikon D500 and a Tokina 11-20mm lens.

Samantha Deakin

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - sunflower window painting and children

Samantha has two images shortlisted this month. She tells us, ‘Every season, we use this area with beautiful light to display our nature finds and learn about the changes in our amazing world. We then document this series using photos. It creates a fab talking point.’ Sarah captured the image using a Nikon D750 with a 28mm f/18 lens while standing on a stool to get the overhead view.

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - girls with oranges

Samantha’s second shortlisted image was captured in a rustic location behind where she works. She tells us that she’d had her eye on it for months before she thought of a concept. She says, ‘To us, oranges are the ultimate summer fruit. The kids love them freshly squeezed, picked from the trees on our holidays, but particularly when they are allowed to eat them cut in half with the juice dripping down their chin – because it doesn’t matter since they are in their swimsuits!’ The location works brilliantly for a fun portrait shoot, and we love the vibrant oranges (and wellies) that contrast with the doors but tie in well with the walls.

Peter Murrell

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - sunbathing in a window

While out with his Nikon D700 and 50mm f/1.8G lens, Peter spotted that a young woman had moved her desk towards the front room window so she could sit on it and give her feet some sun while she worked on her laptop. It’s a great example of our opportunistic attitude to sunbathing in the UK.

Linda Wride

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - beach huts

We were drawn to this image by Linda’s striking angle of view, the bold stripes and the glow of the sunset beyond Hastings Pier. Linda captured this superb image using her Nikon D750 and Nikon 24-120mm f4 lens.

Helen Cherry

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - cycling with a fishing rod

Helens tells us that this image always makes her want to sing ‘Summer Breeze’ by the Isley Brothers. She says, ‘It was taken on a balmy summer’s evening and I can smell the sea and hear the gentle movement of the water’, so can we, Helen. It looks like an idyllic spot.

Fo Bugler

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - blowing bubbles at sunset

Fo has two images shortlisted in this round. This first is a charming photograph of children playing with bubbles at sunset. Fo has selected the perfect angle so the children are close to being silhouettes against the warm sky while the setting sun and sky illuminate the bubbles.

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - buttercups

We love this composite of two images of buttercups. It captures the essence of lying in a summer meadow. It makes you want to relax and catch a few rays.

Angi Wallace

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - orange flowers

Angi is the current holder of the Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year title, and she’s served up another delightful image. She focus-stacked these two Hellenium flowers to get the perfect depth of field from her Sony A7 III and Sigma 180mm macro lens. Those sunny colours scream summer.

Angela Harrod

Angela says ‘Every day, a couple sets up these chairs and a parasol on the beach. I waited for them to go for a swim and took the shot – it’s much better without people, I think!’ The colour of the sky, the calmness of the water and the bold red of the parasol attracted us to the image.

CJPOTY July 2023 winner: Fo Bugler

CJPOTY July 2023 shortlisted image for the Summer theme - blowing bubbles at sunset

Congratulations, Fo, a voucher worth £500 from MPB is heading your way!

Fo’s image joins the other 9 images selected this month and goes onto our shortlist for our panel of VIP judges at the end of the year for the overall prize.

CJPOTY August: Light

Today is the last day to submit images to the August round of CJPOTY. The theme ‘for the seventh round of the 2023/24 Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year (CJPOTY) competition is ‘Light’.

Light is an essential part of photography, but the light’s direction, quality or colour is sometimes what makes a photograph. We want to see your images that the light makes a bit more special. The light can be natural or artificial, and the photographs can be taken anywhere at any time.

This round of our monthly competition is open for submissions until 23:59 BST (00:59 CET and 15:59 PST) on 31st August 2023.

To submit your entry, follow the link to cjpoty or click on the CJPOTY button at the top of any of our website pages. You can submit up to three entries for £2.00 plus payment processing costs (£0.26). Images should be Jpegs at least 1920 pixels along their longest side but no larger than 2MB.

Backlit duck on a pond

Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year prizes

At the end of the month, the Camera Jabber team will pick one winning image and nine runners-up from the July entries. The photographer of the winning image will receive a voucher from MPB.com to the value of £500 which can be spent on anything from a huge range of kit from the World’s biggest platform for used photographic gear.

All 10 of the selected images will go into our shortlist for the year.

We’ll do this each month in 2023 so that by the end of the year, there will be 120 shortlisted images. These will then go before our fantastic panel of judges who will decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-placed images.

The photographer of the first-placed image overall, as decided by the panel of judges , will receive a voucher to the value of £1000 from MPB.com as well as a trophy and the title ‘Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year 2023‘. The photographers who come second and third will receive vouchers worth £500 and £250, respectively.


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