Body camera footage shows ‘chaotic nature’ of Ogden police shooting

Body camera footage shows 'chaotic nature' of Ogden police shooting

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OGDEN — Body camera footage, 911 calls and photos released Friday show what police called the “chaotic nature” of an officer-involved shooting in Ogden that resulted in one man’s death and one officer’s injury.

A community report briefing issued by the Weber County attorney on Friday afternoon gives a timeline from when a woman first called the police to when Brian Dee Simonton, 37, of Ogden, was killed in a shootout with officers.

Officers received a call at 3:26 p.m. on June 6 from a woman at Washington Park apartment complex, 170 N. Washington Boulevard, who said Simonton was violating a protective order. She told police he was known to have guns, was homeless and was trying to get her to take his dog.

Brian Simonton points a gun at officers in footage captured from an officer’s body camera on June 6. (Photo: Weber County attorney)

She said Simonton had also left her several voice messages saying he was suicidal and “wants to be killed.”

“He just kind of showed up unannounced, and I know he’s, like, hit rock bottom. I felt bad for him, but I cannot have him here,” the woman told the 911 operator. “I’m scared at how this is going to turn out.”

Body camera footage from six officers shows the shooting incident from multiple angles as police surrounded Simonton on all sides. Eight officers fired weapons, but one was not wearing a body camera and another did not activate theirs.

A map shows the locations of officers and Brian Simonton during a shootout that resulted in Simonton’s death on June 6. (Photo: Weber County attorney)

The body camera of the first officer on the scene shows Simonton pointing a gun at him from across the apartment complex parking lot. The officer repeatedly asks Simonton to drop his gun and then finally warns that he will shoot him. He then follows as Simonton runs across the parking lot and behind an apartment building. After a series of shots fired from both Simonton and the officer, the police officer yells that he’s been shot, and runs back into the parking lot.

Other footage shows officers firing shots, yelling for Simonton to put down his weapon and show his hands, and telling other officers to “be careful of crossfire.” A succession of shots is heard before officers yell that Simonton has been shot down.

Simonton was pronounced dead at the scene.

The body camera footage from the sixth officer also shows one officer asking the other to get a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of the first officer’s arm. The officer who was shot was taken to the hospital and required surgery on his right arm. He has since been released and is in recovery.

Investigators found a .45-caliber long Colt revolver next to the body of Brian Simonton following a shootout with police on June 6. (Photo: Weber County attorney)

Photos in the report show a .45-caliber long Colt revolver found near Simonton’s body, along with five empty shell casings. Investigators believe he was trying to reload, as there was live ammunition also found near his body.

Simonton had been convicted of multiple domestic violence incidents, police said. He had two active protective orders against him at the time of the shootout.

Investigation is ongoing regarding the shooting, and a final report is being prepared to be submitted to the Weber County attorney’s office for final review.


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