Beginners Photography Course 1-Introducing Your Digital Camera (Eltham) Tickets, Sun 17/12/2023 at 9:30 am


I have had years of experience working with students from 9 to 99 years. I have been working in Photography for over 30 years and recently I completed 10 years running photography courses at Michaels media school in Melbourne’s CBD.

I am a working photography teacher who can help you take great images with your own camera.

My belief is to teach photography classes with “less physics, more photos.”

Why Alwyns Photo School is different.

We believe in working WITH all the special features on the camera,NOT turning them all off and going manual. The camera companies have spent millions in development, so why reinvent the wheel. We can teach YOU how to take great photos on YOUR own digital camera.

Alwyns Photo School, making great photography easier.