Artist of the Month: Deno Pantelakos’s photography on display at Abide Coffeehouse

Artist of the Month: Deno Pantelakos’s photography on display at Abide Coffeehouse

A new photography display of NEPA scenery photography by Deno Pantelakos unveiled March at Abide Coffeehouse. The Wilkes-Barre café plans to decorate their walls with a collection from a different local artist each month.

Artist of the Month for March 2023 is Deno Pantelakos, who lives in Wilkes-Barre and captures timeless photos of NEPA in all its glory. Abide’s customers can grab a cup of joe and admire the beautiful photography illuminating the atmosphere until the next collection takes over.

We should all strive to see Northeastern Pennsylvania through Deno’s eyes, or his lens I should say. Pantelakos ventures into nature to take marvelous landscape photographs, especially some our favorite local spots. He’s captured our most cherished landmarks from Market Street Bridge to Ricketts Glen.

“My love for nature and of all its beauty drives me to capture and record the ever-changing scenes. I love the peaceful serenity of a sunrise and the sunset, the ever-changing colors and hues of the day,” said Pantelakos in his artist statement.

Pantelakos spends much of his free-time hiking in our nearby State Parks, capturing our many beautiful lakes, and admiring each photogenic season. On a sunny Autumn day or after a Winter ice storm, Deno Pantelakos can be found trekking out for the perfect shot.

“Since I moved to downtown Wilkes-Barre, I have started to capture city scenes, the beautiful structures of our local architecture and my favorite — capturing the four seasons at Kirby Park,” said Pantelakos.

One of his favorite pieces in the exhibited collection is a bright, fall photo of Kirby Park that can be seen on display in Abide Coffeehouse’s conference room.

Other photographs exhibited at Abide Coffeehouse include “Autumn in Ricketts Glen”, “The Arch and the Eagle”, “Soft Glow”, and “Stormy Weather.”

“Soft Glow” by Deno Pantelakos is a part of his photography collection on display at Abide Coffeehouse through March.

Pantelakos’s love for photography began 50 years ago with a Pentax K1000 film camera.

“In the past, your photos were on film, and you had to send them out to be processed. After eagerly awaiting the prints arrival on a roll of 24 frames, you had maybe six good photos. It was a struggle but persistence and patience eventually paid off,” said Pantelakos in his artist’s statement. “Everything changed with digital photography.”

Deno Pantelakos now owns NEPA Nature Photography to continue sharing his beautiful images with the world.

“The one thing that never changes in photography is the learning process. I continue to think outside the box and work on better compositions and new ways of capturing light,” said Pantelakos.

Deno Pantelakos is an active creative within the community. He’s a member of the Wyoming Valley Art League, located in the Circle Centre for the Arts in downtown Wilkes-Barre where his photography can also be observed at monthly exhibits.

His work is also exhibited at Penn State Lehman and the Irem Temple Pavilion in Dallas. You can also see his photos displayed at the 67th Annual Fine Arts Fiesta held from May 18 through May 21 in Wilkes-Barre’s Public Square.

Next time you step into Abide Coffeehouse, be sure to take a look around for a reminder from Deno Pantelakos on how beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania really is.