Art In Nature : Middle of Nowhere, Nevada

Art In Nature : Middle of Nowhere, Nevada


A few weeks ago Aubrey, myself, and some friends celebrated George and Abraham’s birthday by driving out to west-central Nevada to see what we could find in and around the Toiyabe Mountains. We found some hot springs, wide open spaces, pinyon pines, junipers, burros, and many empty roads. It was a lovely break from the busy life of a young professor! I look forward to returning to the area in the spring, when there may be some flowers out and about.

The blue thing is our new replacement of our red cube: an ice fishing hut! It served us well as a portable living room.

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Late afternoon sunlight dances across the basin and range of Nevada. Pictured here is the western side of the Toiyabe Mountains, with some Juniper and Pinyon Pine in the foreground.

birds, nevada

Pinyon Jays perched atop a pinyon pine in Nevada’s Toiyabe National Forest.

burrows, wildlife, nevada, desert, black and white

Wild Burrows pose in front of the eastern Toiyabe Range in Nevada.

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