Affinity 2.1: Empowering Creatives with Enhanced Workflow and New Features

Affinity 2.1: Empowering Creatives with Enhanced Workflow and New Features


Serif, has unveiled Affinity 2.1, a major update to its award-winning creative suite. This update introduces a range of new features and enhancements, promising an unparalleled workflow and user experience for photographers and designers.

Affinity 2.1 arrives as a major update six months after the launch of version 2, which included updated versions of Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher for Mac, Windows PC, and iPad.

With the arrival of version 2.1, Serif has added exciting new features and implemented hundreds of incremental improvements to enhance the usability of Affinity’s tools.

One of the standout features of Affinity 2.1 is its simultaneous application across all three products and platforms. Whether you’re using Mac, Windows PC, or iPad, the updated features are available seamlessly, ensuring you have access to the latest software version across all devices.

The enhancements found in Affinity 2.1 touch on various aspects of the creative process. These feature updates include improved guides, layers, assets, warping, strokes, text, brushes, and more. Additionally, Affinity Designer introduces a new Vector Flood Fill tool, while Affinity Publisher showcases the addition of Running Headers.

Ashley Hewson, CEO of Serif, emphasises the customer-centric approach that drives Affinity’s development. The updates in Affinity 2.1 were based on extensive feedback from the user community. Hewson acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Affinity users during the beta testing phase and expresses gratitude for their ongoing support.

Affinity offers three standalone products:

Affinity Photo for powerful photo editing,
Affinity Designer for intuitive vector graphic design
Affinity Publisher for efficient page layout.

The products can be purchased separately or as part of this cost-effective package.

Existing customers of Affinity V2 will receive the 2.1 updates for free. For new customers, the Mac or Windows PC versions of Affinity V2 can be purchased for a one-time payment of £67.99 each, while the iPad versions are available for £17.99 each. The Affinity Universal License, offering all three products on all platforms, is available for £159.99.

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