$400 off the Nikon Z7 II this Black Friday

Nikon Z7 II on a tripod with a lens attached

The Nikon Z7 II is the perfect combination of power, speed and precision. It isn’t a specialist in any photography discipline, but it’s very good at everything.

In our Nikon Z7 II review, we awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars, largely thanks to its excellent full-frame image quality and admirable all-round performance. We are delighted to see that it has been discounted by $400 as part of B&H Photo’s Black Friday deals (opens in new tab). It will stay at this price, while stocks last, until Nov 28 at 11:59 EST.

It boasts a huge 45.7MP resolution, which matches one of the best cameras for astrophotography, the Nikon D850 (which, as it happens, is also on sale with a $900 discount).

In the hand, the Nikon Z7 II feels very much like a miniature Nikon DSLR, this will make anyone switching from DSLR to mirrorless feel instantly at home. 

It will suit a range of photographers — photojournalists, wildlife photographers, filmmakers and commercial studio photographers. What we like though, is its adeptness for astrophotography.

When we took it out in the field at night for the first time as part of our hands-on review, we were surprised at how natural-looking the Automatic White Balance is when shooting in low light, something that cameras often struggle with. The colors of the sky look natural as if looking at it with the naked eye.

It also has a fantastic ISO range from 64-25,6000, expandable to 32-102,400, and it does an excellent job at handling image noise, something that really stands out against other models we have tested.

Composing in the dark is a breeze thanks to the fantastic exposure preview, and we think it is one of the best of all the cameras we have ever used in this regard — a dream for astrophotographers. The tilting screen is an obvious benefit for astrophotography too, as it helps you compose your shot without kneeling underneath the camera for a better view.

We also loved the 5-axis, in-body image stabilization — even when not using an exposure delay — our images were surprisingly consistently sharp. This allows for more carefree shooting, worrying less about image blur from camera shake that can occur from manually pressing the shutter.

Paired with one of Nikon’s Z-mount lenses — of which there is a vast catalog — this will be a perfect companion for all of your photography endeavors.

If you don’t need such a high resolution, the visually identical, much less expensive Nikon Z6 II is also discounted by $300 at B&H Photo.

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