40% off the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey tripod

3 legged thing Punks Corey product photos


‘3 Legged Thing’ has been a respected UK-based tripod manufacturer since 2008. It revolutionized tripods with color, and beautifully engineered components and introduced the first travel tripod in the world that could extend to over 2m tall. The prototype ‘Brian’ features in our best tripods guide thanks to its excellent build quality and portability. 

Corey, which we have here with an $80 discount and being offered for a generous $119.99 (opens in new tab), is slightly smaller but a little heavier when fully extended than Brian is. This is why Brian trumped Corey to make it to our ‘best of’ list. But if a height of 59″/1.5m is tall enough for you — why wouldn’t it be as an astrophotographer — and you can deal with the 0.4lbs extra weight, the current 40% discount on Amazon (opens in new tab) means you are getting an excellent deal.