4 Benefits Of 3D Photography

4 Benefits Of 3D Photography


Three-dimensional or 3D photography has become increasingly popular in various businesses in the past few years. 3D rendering creates images that duplicate human vision as closely as possible, producing images with depth that make you feel like you are at the scene of the photo. These pictures can offer a fun way to share memories with family and friends on social media and have great potential for eCommerce product visualization.

3D rendering offers a lot of benefits to online trade or businesses and in many other fields. Here are four main benefits of 3D photography.

4 Benefits Of 3D Photography

1. Improved conversion rates

3D spin photography provides a 360-degree view of an image, which can increase your conversion rate since your users will view the product better. This can be a real turning point, especially if you sell expensive products such as jewelry.

Customers look at every minute detail of a product if they intend to purchase it. You give them the freedom to look at every side of your product when you provide 3D visuals, thus boosting their chance of buying it.

4 Benefits Of 3D Photography

2. It’s cost-effective

3D photography or rendering may sound expensive, but it’s more cost effective than traditional photography. In fact, the global average cost of shooting five products with conventional photography is six times higher than with 3D.

When you take a picture of a product with different colors, standard photography captures every variation and colors. The photos must be edited after the shoot, which may lead to extra charges and the added cost of shipping the product and traveling. When it comes to 3D photography, you only pay for shooting, which saves shipping and traveling costs.

3. Better customer engagement

Before making a purchase, most online shoppers prefer to zoom in and rotate product animations to have a better look. 3D product photography offers an easy way for customers to engage with your products and can make them stay on your website’s product page longer. This boosts the likelihood of them finding more items and shopping for more.

With 3D photography tools and camera hacks, shoppers can also customize products to reflect any possible combination of available colors, patterns, textures, and styles you might have in stock. They have countless options for modifying every type of product into their preferred styles.

4 Benefits Of 3D Photography

4. Reduced product returns

Frequent product returns in your eCommerce business can give you continuous headaches. They can even jeopardize your business if they become excessive. Your customers may also experience a share of the headache since returning products can be inconvenient, especially if the product is needed on a schedule.

3D rendering and visualization can minimize the frequency of product returns by ensuring customers have a perfect look at your product before adding them to their cart. By the time they purchase a product, they will be confident it meets their needs.

4 Benefits Of 3D Photography


Using traditional digital photography to create stunning product images can be expensive and time-consuming. 3D photography can help you create photorealistic images for your business with a high chance of putting together attractive ideas at a reduced cost. Generally, 3D photography costs far less and is convenient and more flexible.

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