37 Incredible Winning Photos Of Minimalist Photography Awards 2023

37 Incredible Winning Photos Of Minimalist Photography Awards 2023

Here are the winning photos of 2023 Minimalist Photography Awards. The Minimalist Photography Awards stand as a collective of artists who craft quiet narratives by stripping away distractions, allowing visual stories to emerge from the interplay of light, shadow, and subject.

This year Photographer of the year award won by Martin Annand from United Kingdom for his series “Ashored”. About the series in his words “This collection of images from the coast of the UK and further afield are born from the love of long exposure photography and the coast. As a child a trip to the seaside was always an exciting prospect, an event, an adventure. These feelings still stir now when I head to the coast with my camera. The anticipation of what’s to come. Trying to find interesting subjects before time and tide swallows them up forever.”

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#1 Minimalist Photographer of the Year by Martin Annand, United Kingdom

#2 Abstract – 1st Place Winner: Geometric Compositions by András Gáll

#3 Abstract – 2nd Place Winner: Hiding in Plain Sight by Gleici Rufatto

#4 Abstract – 3rd Place Winner: Frozen Cosmos by Daniel Franc

#5 Aerial – 1st Place Winner: Bike Shadow by Francesco Luongo

#6 Aerial – 2nd Place Winner: Colorado River Delta by Paul Lichte

#7 Aerial – 3rd Place Winner: Light Atletics by Zdeněk Vošický

#8 Architecture – 1st Place Winner: Blue Window by Michael Jurek

#9 Architecture – 2nd Place Winner: Water Towers by Manuel Schmidt

#10 Architecture – 3rd Place Winner: Concrete Stories by Dieter Demey

#11 Conceptual – 1st Place Winner: Presence by Luke David

#12 Conceptual – 2nd Place Winner: Micro Mountains and Lakes by Gianfranco Merati

#13 Conceptual – 3rd Place Winner: Inscapes by Emmanuelle Becker

#14 Fine-art – 1st Place Winner: Cloudy day by Guido Klumpe

#15 Fine-art – 2nd Place Winner: Red by Dorota Górecka

#16 Fine-art – 3rd Place Winner: Snowy Playground in Japan by Jana Luo

#17 Landscape – 1st Place Winner: Hottest place on Earth by Folker Michaelsen

#18 Landscape – 2nd Place Winner: Four Trees by Paolo Veneziani

#19 Landscape – 3rd Place Winner: The beauty of Amboseli wildlife by Paolo Ameli

#20 Long Exposure – 1st Place Winner: Ashored by Martin Annand

#21 Long Exposure – 2nd Place Winner: Saxony Bridge by Dennis Schulz

#22 Long Exposure – 3rd Place Winner: Laguna Nord by Alessandro Tagliapietra

#23 Night – 1st Place Winner: Phantom Waters by Jonathan Knight

#24 Night – 2nd Place Winner: Half vijf by Susanne Middelberg

#25 Night – 3rd Place Winner: Stargazing by Therese Iknoian

#26 Open – 1st Place Winner: Art of Everyday Live by Klaus Lenzen

#27 Open – 2nd Place Winner: My dialogues with the mystery by Paula Aranoa

#28 Open – 3rd Place Winner: It Is What It Is by Dominic Blewett

#29 Photo Manipulation – 1st Place Winner: Masonic Centre by Graeme Gordon

#30 Photo Manipulation – 2nd Place Winner: Eyeing Ibis by Glenn Homann

#31 Photo Manipulation – 3rd Place Winner: Airplane and Architecture by Emmanuel Passeleu

#32 Portrait – 1st Place Winner: 2050-293 by Patricia Van de Camp & Marc Heesterbeek

#33 Portrait – 2nd Place Winner: The season of childhood by Kennon Guerry

#34 Portrait – 3rd Place Winner: Reflectiones of Loneliness by Nadia Serebryakova

#35 Street – 1st Place Winner: X ing by Glenn Homann

#36 Street – 2nd Place Winner: Sulking Girl by David Degelin

#37 Street – 3rd Place Winner: Shopping trolley by Paul Dodd

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