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William is a passionate photographer with a keen eye for capturing the hidden gems of the USA and Canada. With a journey that began in 2007 and a full immersion into the art of spherical panoramas later on, William continues to explore and learn new techniques along the way.

His photographic endeavors serve as a pictorial diary, capturing the essence of unique and offbeat places that often remain undiscovered by the general public. William’s curiosity leads him to document these locations, preserving their beauty and allowing viewers to experience them through his lens.

Throughout the month of June, William has shared his vision with the world by publishing 49 stunning panoramas. Each panorama transports viewers to a different corner of the continent, from the breathtaking summit of The Whaleback to the scenic trails of Goosenest and the captivating interior of Tom Smith Cabin.

William joined the 360Cities community in 2010, and has since become a valued contributor, he holds the Maestro badge. His dedication to documenting the ever-changing landscapes and his solo exploration adventures continue to inspire fellow photographers and enthusiasts alike.To witness the beauty of North America through William L.’s lens, be sure to explore his profile on 360Cities. Prepare to be amazed and discover hidden treasures that will leave you longing for your own exploration journey.