30 Winning Photos Of The 12th Annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA)

30 Winning Photos Of The 12th Annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA)

Here are the 20 winning photos of the 12th Annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA). The Mobile Photography Awards were founded in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the talent and imagery of the mobile photo & art communities.

This year competition received thousands of entries from over 80 countries, highlighting the global reach delivered by mobile devices. In the last 12 years, smartphone capabilities have continually expanded, putting fantastic imaging technology in the palms and pockets of photographers worldwide.

Australian photographer Glenn Homann has won the 12th annual grand prize for his diverse and impressive portfolio of images. His photos comprise portraits, architecture, and street photography.

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#1 Grand Prize Winner: Glenn Homann

#2 Grand Prize Winner: Glenn Homann

#3 Photo Essay: 1st Place Winner – War in Ukraine by Mateusz Sarello

#4 Photo Essay: 2nd Place Winner – Small Town Rodeo by Cerrina Smith

#5 Architecture/Still Life: 1st Place Winner – Steel. Glass. And All That Jazz by Dorota Yamadag

#6 Black & White: 1st Place Winner – Washing Elephant, Chitwan by Shuolong Ma

#7 Landscape & Wildlife: 1st Place Winner – Geocentric Exploration by Zhengjie Wu

#8 Macro & Details: 1st Place Winner – Eyes by Fabio Sartori

#9 Peoples: 1st Place Winner – Nunset2 by Daniela Calo

#10 Portraits & Self-Portraits: 1st Place Winner – Old Mate by Glenn Homann

#11 Silhouettes: 1st Place Winner – Heart of Water by Yue Qiu

#12 Street Photography: 1st Place Winner – Indifference by Konstantin Chalabov

#13 Street Photography: Honorable Mention – Untitled by Yang Ting

#14 Street Photography: Honorable Mention – Dogs & Lions by Susanne Grether

#15 Street Photography: Honorable Mention – Drinking on Screen by Roy Pan

#16 The Darkness: 1st Place Winner – Spirit of City by Michel Kharoubi

#17 Travel/Transportation: 1st Place Winner – Miners of Ijen Volcano by Chen Lin

#18 Visual FX & Digital Art: 1st Place Winner – Flight Pattern by Heather McAlister

#19 Water/Snow/Ice: 1st Place Winner – The Scenery After the Rain by Wang Hsiu Ling

#20 AI (Artificial Intelligence): 1st Place Winner – Souls of the Ancient Sea Bed #5 by John Nieto

#21 Architecture/Still Life: Honorable Mention – Cross Here by Glenn Homann

#22 Black & White: Honorable Mention – Freedom on Wheels by Talia Sofia Soto Lemus

#23 Black & White: Honorable Mention – Horse & Canadair by Simona Bonanno

#24 Landscape & Wildlife: Honorable Mention – Solar Lasers at Sunrise by Dominika Koszowska

#25 Landscape & Wildlife: Honorable Mention – Protection by Mariko Klug

#26 Macro & Details: Honorable Mention – Yum! by Paddy Chao

#27 Macro & Details: Honorable Mention – Flying Ant by Fabio Sartori

#28 Peoples: Honorable Mention – Drying Vermicelli by Azim Khan Ronnie

#29 Peoples: Honorable Mention – Durbar Square by Shuolong Ma

#30 Silhouettes: Honorable Mention – Summertime Melancholy by Marina Serebryakova

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