30 Stunning Winning Photos Of The All About Photo Magazine Awards 2023

30 Stunning Winning Photos Of The All About Photo Magazine Awards 2023

Here are the 30 stunning winning photos of The All About Photo Magazine Awards 2023. The prestigious photo competition, All About Photo Awards – The Mind’s Eye, organized by All About Photo is pleased to reveal the winning photographers of 2023.

Visionary photographers from around the world, both professional and amateur, shared their unique perspectives and competed for international recognition as the next “Photographer of the Year,” $10,000 in cash prizes and publication in the printed magazine Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2023.

Now in its 8th year, All About Photo Awards – The Mind’s Eye has become a reference for discovering new talents and celebrating outstanding photographers. The jurors selected 39 winners who come from 18 different countries and across 5 continents.

The winning image by Indonesian photographer Priyo Widiyanto feature the Indonesian National Wheelchair Basketball Team in the middle of an intense match where the decisive and winning shot is about to be thrown. In a dynamic composition where the action is frozen by the photographer, two opponents, almost symmetrical to one another, are lifting their wheelchairs with all their might in an attempt to stop the shot. It is a powerful image of resilience.

Congratulations to all the winners, scroll down and inspire yourself. Check the All About Photo Magazine website for more information.

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#1 All About Photo Photographer Of The Year 2023 by Priyo Widdi, Indonesia – $5,000 Cash Prize

Winning Shoot: They can do more than normal people. A shoot to get a meaningful winning.

#2 Second Place Winner by Haikun Liang, China – $2,000 Cash Prize

#3 Third Place Winner by Raul Cacho Oses, Spain – $1,500 Cash Prize

Tbourida, the final run: The equestrian show called “Tbourida” dates from the 16th century and has in Morocco it’s highest exponent. It consists of a staging of military cavalcades reconstituted according to ancestral Arab-Amazigh conventions and rituals.

#4 Fourth Place Winner by Andrea Bettancini, Italy – $1,000 Cash Prize

Cruise passengers: A group of children dive into the port of Stone Town, a cruise ship in the background. A way to face, without pity, the drama of immigration from Africa to the European coasts.

#5 Fifth Place Winner by Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra, Spain – $500 Cash Prize

Diver and Guggenheim: Polish Diver Kristoff Kolanus RedBull Cliffdiving competition held in Bilbao, next to the Guggenheim museum. He jumps from a platform located on a bridge 27 meters above the Bilbao estuary. The photo is real, it is not a montage

#6 Merit Award: Deba Prasad Roy, India

INNOVATIVE WAY OF BOARDING TRAINS: The photograph was taken during a Muslim festival near Dhaka, Bangladesh. Electrification of Bangladesh Railway is yet to be done, so people dare to travel on the roof of the train. They are actually travel free of cost and are habituate travelers taking a bit of risk.

#7 Merit Award: Alejandro Martinez Velez, Spain

Funeral: Relatives of the Ukrainian soldier Taras Didukh, 25, mourn his body at a funeral held in the Church of the Most Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of Lviv, Ukraine, before being buried at the Lychakiv Cemetery on March 11, 2022. The Officer Andrii Stefanyshyn, 39, and the Sergeant Dmytro Kabakov, 58, were also buried on the same day.

#8 Merit Award: Zola Chen, Taiwan

Did you see me: We can still stare at each other for 3 more seconds. Between my desire to the surface and the watch over from my mother, there’s still a bit of time.

#9 Merit Award: Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Ireland

Rocky’s First Holy Communion, Tipperary, Ireland 2019: Irish Traveller Rocky sits on a plastic-covered couch on his first holy communion.

#10 Merit Award: Chapellier Guy, France

Guignol / Puppet Show: Children laughing at the popular French glove puppet near Eiffel’s tower.

#11 Merit Award: Muhammad Amdad Hossain, Bangladesh

Fatigue sleep on the boats: Many homeless people’s in Dhaka, Bangladesh have lost their homes and properties due to frequent floods, river erosion, and other natural calamities. They were forced to migrate to the city in search of a better future. These people have no place to take shelter in big cities. Their day starts in boats and ends in roads to nowhere. The boat’s is a flower bed for these refugees who practically do not have any identity. They live by working as street hawkers, boatsman etc.

#12 Merit Award: Laurie Freitag, United States

#13 Merit Award: Ingmar Björn Nolting, Germany

The Last Fight for Lützerath: Activists block the bucket wheel excavator at the edge of the Garzweiler II open pit mine on the outskirts of the village of Lützerath, Germany on January 08, 2023. Lützerath has become a symbol of the fight against the climate crisis after being occupied by activists for more than two years to prevent energy company RWE from mining lignite under the village. The occupation was cleared by the police short after.

#14 Merit Award: Klaus Lenzen, Germany

Statues: At first sight they may look like bronze statues, the participants of a “mud-run” in Duisburg (Germany)

#15 Merit Award: Mateusz Żurowski, Poland

Summer’22: Summer in Poland is always a unique adventure.

#16 Merit Award: Mauro De Bettio, Italy

HYENA MEN: They are the mysterious hyena men of Nigeria. They come from rural areas in the North, moving from city to city. They arrive in towns wrapped in snakes, trained monkeys and hyenas in chains. They perform a street circus with black magic (called “juju”) for the audience that believe that these animals have magical powers.

#17 Merit Award: Shahriar Farzana, Bangladesh


Change the thought: In a Islamic environment, it’s not common for a female teacher to take her students at the sea shore as recreation and to take selfies with them but time changes as well as people’s acceptance level. Now following all Islamic requirements, some women try to do what they are supposed to do not like what they are told to do. Things are changing at the course of time as well as peoples’ thought processes that have a direct positive impact on society.

#18 Merit Award: Gavin Libotte, Australia

First Wave: We are swimming in an ocean of Prana, a field of Energy. There is nothing but the One, non-dual Force. This is the Supreme Truth. Our human lives are part of something bigger.

#19 Merit Award: Supratim Bhattacharjee, India

SinkingSundarbans_002: A girl, standing before her tea shop, which is completely ruined by sea water in Namkhana Island. After Cyclone Aila struck the Sundarbans in 2009, it became clear that frequent cyclonic events will turn the residents of the Sundarbans into climate refugees. From May 5, 2019 – May 25, 2021, Sundarbans faced cyclones- Fani, Bulbul, Amphan & Yaas – each devastating enough to justify the fear of mass displacement.

#20 Merit Award: Frank Machalowski, Germany

Stadtbaum: This is a side project from the series multiexpo. ‘Stadtbaum’ means urban tree. It’s about urban trees and their resistance against the high urbanization level. You can find trees in the city everywhere but they are on the retreat. More and more the cities becomes a concrete desert. I wanted to seperate the individual trees and erect them a small monument. I use for this series a 35mm film camera. Here you can see a tree at The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

#21 Merit Award: Tony Law, Australia

Narrow Escape: Rodeo is very dangerous sport. This young cowboy was riding a strong cow, which bucked erratically and quickly threw him to the ground. The lucky cowboy quickly avoided the airborne cow before it fell heavily.

#22 Merit Award: Azim Khan Ronnie, Bangladesh

Drying t-shirt cloths: Rows of brightly colored fabrics shimmer in reflections as they are hung to dry above a field. Workers hang the vivid clothing on wooden frames as the colorful dyes set in the sun. The clothes will be used for t-shirts, Under-vest, trousers etc. making.

#23 Merit Award: Priyo Widdi, Indonesia

The Covid Victim: Covid-19 has changed the world and left many grieves in our earth. Hopefully our world will get better in no time.

#24 Merit Award: Tommaso Vecchi, Italy

TIME STOPS: After a weary and endless trek to reach Phuktal, one of the most ancient temples in the whole of Indian Tibet, and after listening to the religious morning prayers by Buddhist monks, I was on my way back when I met a wonderful group of children monks. They love spending their free time playing football. When the ball goes off the cliff it is astonishing how quickly they are capable of retrieving it. Whoever lets the ball drop has to get it while the others watch him. At this moment, I felt that.

#25 Merit Award: Tommaso Vecchi, Italy

BEFORE THE MIGRATION: Nenets are indigenous Siberian people whose traditional economy has long been rooted in nomadic reindeer-herding, fishing and hunting. They live in chums: small huts made of reindeer skins, in order to ensure a minimum of thermal insulation, especially during the winter. In this picture Roman looking out of the chum, with his red cheeks worn by the cold, -50°C.

#26 Merit Award: Pedro Jarque Krebs, Peru

Curious baby: Western gorillas (Gorilla gorilla) – As soon as I pointed my camera at her, the mother gorilla turned around and turned her back on me. The baby couldn’t resist his curiosity and a few seconds later poked his head out.

#27 Merit Award: Baptiste Hugnet, France

War Scene

#28 Merit Award: Li Huaifeng, China

The dancing dream of the girl: The girl learned dancing in the county and went back to her hometown to dance for her grandmother on Sunday.

#29 Merit Award: Emily Neville Fisher, United States

#30 Merit Award: Mitchell Anolik, United States

The Shoreline

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