30 Photos That Show Cities Done Right

30 Photos That Show Cities Done Right

Cities can be both exciting and challenging places to live in, with issues such as traffic congestion, pollution, and overcrowding posing significant problems. However, there are some urban planners who are making a concerted effort to create more livable, human-friendly cities that are also mindful of the natural environment.

In this gallery, we showcase some of the best examples of urban planning that prioritize sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. From green spaces and pedestrian-friendly zones to efficient public transportation and innovative building designs, these urban planning initiatives prove that it is possible to create thriving, livable cities that benefit both people and the planet. So, take a look and be inspired by these outstanding examples of urban planning done right.

Scroll down and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

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#1 Concrete Sewer Pipes Used As Outdoor Seating

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Apartment Building With A Park At Its Center, Berlin

Image source: archineering

#3 Holland, 1982-2020

Image source: -Johnny-

#4 Urban Space Is Complex. But The Math Is Relatively Simple

Image source: gfaster

#5 This Does Put A Smile On My Face

Image source: ForteLaidirSterkPono

#6 Bin For Cyclists In Denmark

Image source: ekernan

#7 These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats

Image source: BitchyOlive

#8 Heated Sidewalks

Image source: unroja

#9 My City, Delhi Is Redesigning Its S**tty Car Centric Good For Nothing Roads, Here’s Half Of A Wide A** Road Reclaimed

Image source: Hiif4

#10 Edinburgh, Scotland

Image source: mtlgrems

#11 Vienna Gasometers, Gas Storage Tanks First Built In 1896 And Converted Into Mixed-Use Developments Between 1995 And 2001

Image source: Coffee-ly

#12 “Gion Quarter” Kyoto, Japan

Image source: hyperius

#13 The Speed Camera Lottery In Stockholm, Sweden

Image source: neroina

#14 Luminous Pedestrian Crossing In France, When A Person Is Detected The Lights Turn On To Warn The Drivers

Image source: Kemro59

#15 It’s Never Too Late To Acknowledge The Reality That Urban Highways Are A Fixable Mistake

Image source: Thereaper29

#16 I Dont Know Why, But I Just Love When City Elements Wrap Around Nature Like This. [oc] Photo Taken In Stockholm, Sweden

Image source: Herrkarlson

#17 Comfort Town, An Old Industrial Site In Kyiv Built In Response To Brutalist Soviet Era Apartments Buildings

Image source: IngFavalli

#18 World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Image source: labitx

#19 Roundabout With Some Nature In The Middle, France

Image source: Kemro59

#20 Green Houses In Berlin

Image source: throatfuckthursday

#21 Planned This Shot For Months Before Coming To The Us, But I Didn’t Expect The Sun To Make The Rails Golden. Sometimes Photography Is Just About Being A Lucky Bastard

Image source: wonteatyourcat

#22 Paris, 9th Arrondissement. These Miniature Gardens Used To Be Car Parking Spaces Until A Few Years Ago. The City Reclaimed Them, And Replanted Them With Fruit Trees And Flowering Shrubs

Image source: silveryspoons

#23 Bumpy Plates For Blind People, Everywhere In France, I Hope It’s The Same For The Other Countries Too

Image source: Kemro59

#24 Rack For Locking Up Skateboards And Scooters

Image source: unroja

#25 The Outer Battery, Newfoundland, Canada

Image source: thetoxicblockmc

#26 Anybody Know Why This Is Designed Like This? (Copenhagen Denmark)

Image source: MopCoveredInBleach

#27 Quince Street, Philadelphia. Legalize Narrow Streets!

Image source: Urbinaut

#28 “Forget The Motor Car And Build Cities For Lovers And Friends.” – Lewis Mumford

Image source: silveryspoons

#29 Traffic Light With A Mirror To Allow The Drivers To See The Pedestrians/Cyclists That Are In Their Blind Spots

Image source: Kemro59

#30 A Roundabout In Nantes (France) With An Underground Car Park Entrance

Image source: Kemro59

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