30 Over Crowded Places Posted By Urban Hell Reddit Group (New Pics)

30 Over Crowded Places Posted By Urban Hell Reddit Group (New Pics)

Here are the 30 overcrowded places posted by Urban Hell Group on Reddit. r/UrbanHell is a photography subreddit of “all the hideous places human beings built or inhabit.” The online community invites everyone who wants to explore the darker side of the cities, towns, and villages in our shared world and welcomes any photos which show either ugliness, or a problem in urban development. Rural and suburban nightmares are also allowed.

Scroll down and check yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1 China IIRC – One more lane and it’ll be solved

Image Source: u/Idhanirem

#2 Macau – Nice Cage

Image Source: u/waxeryboiliroo

#3 Mumbai, India

Image Source: u/stefaniakio

#4 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Image Source: u/biwook

#5 Taiwan – Air Conditions

Image Source: u/A-Static-Mess

#6 Aerial image of the world’s largest tire deposit, located in Kuwait

Image Source: u/mpcamposz

#7 Los Angeles is an urban desert

Image Source: u/strangetimes69

#8 Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Image Source: u/AustinYaoChen

#9 Concrete canyon in Manhattan

Image Source: u/Sea_Marionberry2231

#10 New York – Flatiron

Image Source: u/moctezuma-

#11 Russia, Vorkuta – Dying North

Image Source: u/joshjson

#12 Athens, Greece

Image Source: u/Zestyclose-Ad5603

#13 Beach life in Karachi

Image Source: u/longwaytotokyo

#14 To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong

Image Source: u/tanmaypendse63

#15 Average Delhi Gurgaon commute

Image Source: u/OutlandishnessOk9447

#16 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Image Source: u/slowersea977

#17 Vegas, minus the neon glow

Image Source: u/FAEtlien

#18 Mirny, Yakutia, Russia …Welcome the the diamond mine

Image Source: u/ExploreMoreMysteries

#19 Supermarket on fire in Tomsk, Russia

Image Source: u/peacedetski

#20 Elevated highway in central Hong Kong

Image Source: u/biwook

#21 “Perspective” complex in Stavropol (Russia)

Image Source: u/emmanuel-monarc

#22 The two sides of Makati, Philippines

Image Source: u/uphillviews

#23 Jakarta, Indonesia

Image Source: u/nicholasbhagasinsan

#24 Moscow, Russia. Smog over suburbs

Image Source: u/joshjson

#25 Somewhere in urban Philippines, is an electric handloom machine?

Image Source: u/kinofil

#26 Cairo, Egypt – wonderful city with terrible air pollution

Image Source: u/mastah_D_Omina

#27 A view of Teesside, UK

Image Source: u/benrsmith77

#28 Powai hills separating rural and urban Mumbai

Image Source: u/xbftw

#29 Singapore

Image Source: u/biwook

#30 Tskaltubo, Georgia. Once a promising spa resort, now derelict and miserable

Image Source: u/dontflyaway

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