30 Mindblowing Road Photographs Shot From Above Kevin Krautgartner

30 Mindblowing Road Photographs Shot From Above Kevin Krautgartner

For the past six months, I’ve been traveling thousands of kilometers for several photo projects. As I mostly had to drive to very remote areas, I passed many types of terrain. From highlands to swamplands. From lava fields to river arms. At a height of about 150 meters, I’ve documented my journeys from above my car.


Today, the worldwide network of roads connects almost every place and every city. Due to the constantly growing international freight traffic as well as the increasing number of vehicles, it is impossible to imagine life without these connecting routes.

However, I personally have been fascinated for years by the inconspicuous, often unpaved or only rarely used roads and tracks in some of the most remote places in the world. Roads through lava fields, dried up salt lakes or even wetlands. Roads that only interfere with nature to a limited extent and allow a co-existence of landscape and movement path. Due to the very versatile soil and the mostly immediate surrounding nature, the aerial perspective shows how we have created paths through all kinds of vegetation.

This series should give an impression how abstract but also fascinating our planet is looking from the air.



About Kevin Krautgartner

Kevin Krautgartner, born and raised in Germany, currently lives and works in Wuppertal. Already during his design studies, he devoted himself intensively to digital photography, which today is the core of his artistic work.

Conceptually, Krautgartner’s projects focus not only on classical architectural photography but also primarily on aerial perspectives, from which he rediscovers and redefines landscapes and habitats created by nature in general, geological processes and/or man-made structures as enormous “Found Art” objects. Particularly in the case of geological conditions, the characteristics of which are largely attributable to the Anthropocene, his works also touch on current, socially relevant topics.





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