30 Clever Photos By Edas Wong

30 Clever Photos By Edas Wong

An analogy that’s often used is if you give a monkey a typewriter and enough time, it will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. This same principle can be applied to photography. By capturing a multitude of random images, you’re bound to find something that appears intentional, stunning, or both.

Edas Wong, a Hong Kong-based street photographer and graduate of UMIST in Manchester, England, is a master at discovering these hidden gems. While his shots may be spontaneous, they are still remarkable. It’s incredible how a fortuitous perspective can evoke metaphors, juxtapositions, and a sense of visual poetry. It demonstrates that, at times, it’s better to let fate take the wheel.

Unlike most photographers who plan their shots to perfection, Edas Wong relies on his intuition and fortune. He wanders the streets, searching for anything that might pique his interest. His playful photographs cleverly incorporate the foreground and background, resulting in stunning, thought-provoking images that inspire and captivate.

You can find Edas Wong on the Web:

#1 Good thing it’s not an emergency exit

#2 “Well, thanks!”

#3 The dark side of the truck

#4 She escalated quickly!

#5 New hairstyle idea

#6 That’s MINE!

#7 She’d definitely win the Long Jump

#8 This is what’s called flashing

#9 The force is strong with this tire

#10 Very striking indeed

#11 This baby’s the chosen one

#12 Don’t even think about it!

#13 Watch out!

#14 Hey you, duckhead!

#15 Yellow is the trend

#16 “Let’s cut those branches.”

#17 This man wants to be lifted up

#18 Red Bull gave him wings

#19 The stairway to heaven

#20 D O G G O

#21 Seems like a Disney character

#22 A very strange pose

#23 Deadpool having a rough time

#24 This is one trippy image

#25 The Asian Rapunzel

#26 They say removing the masking tape off a painting can be very satisfying

#27 Letterbob Squarebody

#28 The chosen one

#29 Brainstorming on a whole new level

#30 Slender Man holding an umbrella

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