30 Astonishing Photos Of Massive Objects That You Won’t Believe Exist: Shared By Online Group

30 Astonishing Photos Of Massive Objects That You Won't Believe Exist: Shared By Online Group

Here are the 30 astonishing photos of massive objects that you won’t believe exist, shared by this online Reddit group “r/AbsoluteUnits“. This group followd by 1.4 million people around the world.

The internet is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful things, and the latest phenomenon to take the online world by storm is the discovery of “absolute units.” These are objects or creatures that are absolutely massive, and seeing them in real life is a sight to behold.

A group of internet enthusiasts has recently shared 30 photos of these absolute units, and they’re nothing short of mind-blowing. From giant animals to enormous food items, these photos will leave you in awe.

Overall, the 30 photos of absolute units shared by this online group are truly astonishing. They’re a reminder that there are still so many amazing things in our world that we have yet to discover, and they’re just a small glimpse of the wonders that await us.

Scroll down and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1 A Husky Next To A Wolf

Image source: PlausibleDepression

#2 I’ve Been Told That My Rescue Dog Is An Absolute Unit Many Times Now

Image source: jdawg5720

#3 Chonkebeests

Image source: jelenawoehr

#4 This Is The Book Of Names In The Auschwitz Museum. It Holds The Name Of Every Known Holocaust Victim

Image source: King_Kenobi

#5 Ooooooh Lawdy

Image source: chemicalkin

#6 Enjoy Retirement King

Image source: ShotSplash

#7 Absolute Unit Of A Chicken

Image source: downtownMangos

#8 This Baobab Tree Is Said To Be 6000 Years Old

Image source: DownRecite71

#9 Them Goddamn Caterpillars

Image source: papasmoke

#10 These Blackberries

Image source: _Mr_Fil_

#11 Absolut Chonk Of Fluff

Image source: FormerFruit

#12 This Absolute Unit Of A Wombat

Image source: Jslays82

#13 These Curtains

Image source: 589moonboy

#14 Eris And Her Absolute Snoot (12.2”)

Image source: DonovanSarovir

#15 Absolute Unit Of A Coke Bottle

Image source: anonym0usee

#16 Giant Alligator Kept At Zoo (An Absaloute Unit)

Image source: Athezeal

#17 Found This Guy On Discord

Image source: cruz_cat3

#18 An Absolute Unit Spotted In Alabama

Image source: tyutina1987

#19 Baa Baa Motherf*©ke®s

Image source: AdaptableRetention

#20 I Am No Longer Confident I Could Defeat A Bobcat In A Fight

Image source: Redqueenhypo

#21 Huntsman Spider. Speechless

Image source: SometingWong08

#22 This Absolute Unit Of A Honeycomb

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Big Boi Tiger

Image source: FaultilySpangle

#24 The Hua Moa Banana, A Hawaian Variety

Image source: Kasvnova

#25 Kummakivi – A 500,000 Kg Rock In Ruokolahti, Finland, That Has Been Balancing On Top Of Another Rock For 11,000 Years

Image source: Ebd789

#26 This Absolute Unit Of A Newfoundland Pup

Image source: sidewaysWithhold912

#27 Chonky Pingu

Image source: Alpinecanticle

#28 Hulk, The Pitbull

Image source: netphilia

#29 This Tanuki Is An Absolute Unit With Winter Floofs As Well

Image source: RaineTanuki

#30 Turtle Coming Out Of Hibernation

Image source: stormilyclap696

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