30 Adorable Photos Of Fruits And Vegetables That Seem To Have Come Alive

30 Adorable Photos Of Fruits And Vegetables That Seem To Have Come Alive

Here are the 30 adorable photos of fruits and vegetables that seem to have come alive. Unusually shaped fruits and vegetables have a shape, not in line with their normal body plan. While some examples are just oddly shaped, others are heralded for their amusing appearance, often because they resemble body parts. Pareidolia can be common in vegetables, with some people reporting the appearance of religious imagery.

Here in this gallery, you can find the 30 best photos of fruits and vegetables in different shapes. Scroll below and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1. The tomato we grew looks like Sauron’s eye

Source: coffeeandpuppers

#2. My cactus looks like a long-necked dinosaur trying to escape its cup

Source: bldega

#3. This cactus looks like it’s giving the middle finger

Source: MBisme

#4. My sweet potato looks like a sea lion

Source: cheese–girl

#5. This tomato looks like a rubber duckie

Source: SpuddyMcSpud

#6. This orchid really looks like an eagle

Source: kYlejAEnz

#7. My friend’s strawberry looks like a baby elephant

Source: casos92

#8. So aparrotly this is milkweed

Source: thingamajiggy

#9. This pumpkin stem looks like a dragon!

Source: uglypatty

#10. She thought he did not carrot at all, but he bought her a 21-carrot ring!

Source: imgur.com

#11. That owl is just like “mmhhmmm, yes, this is very good”

Source: reddit.com

#12. My bonsai looks like it has legs

Source: dioshin

#13. Just a little make-out session

Source: imgur.com

#14. This pumpkin that looks like a swan

Source: Chibi_Kitchen

#15. Here is a strawberry shaped like a butterfly

Source: imgur.com

#16. An exceptionally suave and sophisticated daikon radish

Source: the2belo

#17. A carrot busting a move

Source: Tatsputin

#18. That’s a sweet potato

Source: TheHighFlyer

#19. F**k you too, broccoli…

Source: imgur.com

#20. This carrot really wants to be an astronaut

Source: atillathehunniee

#21. This bitter gourd seems to be happy about something

Source: tumblr

#22. I present to you a Buddha’s Hand fruit!


#23. This tomato looks like a duck

Source: 266785

#24. The veggie wars have begun

Source: stan0

#25. This peanut looks like a duck

Source: kidamy

#26. A cherry tomato that looks like it has horns like Satan

Source: quartamilk

#27. My potato looks like it’s trying to escape itself

Source: Moonri

#28. This eggplant has a face

Source: imgur.com

#29 The stranded seal

Image Source: Imgur

#30 An extremely nutritional bathtub

Image Source: Imgur

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