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Shoot in low light

Make the most of long nights and short days with pro-level low light skills (Image credit: Future)

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Winter is well and truly here – the nights have drawn in and it seems we spend most of our lives in the dark. There are advantages to this however. Low light conditions offer tremendous drama and atmosphere, to match a huge range of subjects. Learn not only to overcome the main challenges of low ambient light levels, but to embrace the colour and deep shadows for unique effects. Capture stunning images of the night sky, as part of a wider landscape, use motion blur for energy and enhance detail in software.

Capture your best urban landscapes

Learn to see the city as a dynamic landscape and capture its secrets! (Image credit: Future)

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Cities offer us so much to tantalise the senses, even before we pick up a camera. One of the mistakes we make after we do is that we focus on the familiar aspects, to the exclusion of many of the other textures and patterns the urban environment has to offer. In our feature this issue we have collated a selection of the best pro tips for shooting city locations for maximum impact. Use movement to your advantage, work with contrasty lighting, focus on textures and use seasonality to your advantage. Wherever you live and whatever the season, there’s something here for you to try!

Top wildlife photo skills

Expert photographer Graeme Green explains how to capture birds in flight (Image credit: Future)

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Birds have always inspired artists – they piqued Da Vinci’s interest so you’re in good company. They are also amongst the most tricky subjects to shoot correctly, with both technical quality and creative impact. In our Creative Project this month Graeme Green (opens in new tab) walks us through his insider secrets to better bird photos, from the shoot to the edit.

Carnival photography

We join pro social event photographer Carrie Davenport (opens in new tab) at a Day of the Dead festival to learn how to manage difficult lighting and capture magic on-camera.   (Image credit: Future)

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Best photo backpacks

Take your pick – we put four photo backpacks to the test to see which is the best bag for your buck. (Image credit: Future)

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