25 Heart-Touching Photos Of The Birth Photography Image Competition 2023

25 Heart-Touching Photos Of The Birth Photography Image Competition 2023

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers is proud to announce the winners of the 2023 Birth Photography Image Competition!

This year’s submissions are nothing short of breathtaking and powerful. This year, for the second time since the start of our annual competition in 2012, we invited images of Hardship & Loss to be submitted which brought a new level of power and strength like we have never seen before. We are celebrating a record amount of entries and the greatest body of work we have ever published! All images have been shared with the permission of the family and the photographer.

Thank you to each and every entrant who participated this year and, of course, the families who agreed to share their birth moments with the world!

Scroll down and inspire yourself. Check the IAPBP website for more information.

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#1 Best Overall: First Place – “Crossing the Veil” by Annemarie Lea

#2 Best In Birth Details – “Waking Up at Sunrise” by Paula Beltrao

#3 Best In Labor – “Safe Space” by Jessica Innemee

#4 Best In Delivery – “Life Beneath the Surface” by Mary Beliz

#5 Best In Postpartum – “The Lovers After” by Natalie Broders

#6 Best In Hardship & Loss – “Noahs Ark” by Ebony Ankins

#7 Best In Birth Details: Black & White – “In the Eye” by Sara Hunter

#8 Best In Labor: Black & White – “The Loyal Birth Attendant” by Laura Brink

#9 Best In Labor: Documentary – “Drowning In Exhaustion” by Laura Brink

#10 Best In Delivery: Black & White – “The Expected Meeting” by Karoline Saadi

#11 Best In Delivery: Documentary – “Hello, I Have Arrived” by Jessica Miles

#12 Best In Delivery: Fine Art – “Brace For Birth” by Laura Brink

#13 Best In Postpartum: Black & White – “Peaceful Arrival” by Annemarie Fuckel

#14 Best In Postpartum: Documentary – “Bed 32” by Dania Lauren

#15 Best In Postpartum: Fine Art – “The Sovereign Family Tree” by Laura Brink

#16 Members’ Choice: Best In Labor – “I Call Down My Power” by Nicole Hamic

#17 Members’ Choice: Best In Labor – “First Touch” by Settia Tin

#18 Members’ Choice: Best In Postpartum – The Lovers After” by Natalie Broders

#19 Honorable Mention – “Holding Hands” by Ash Blythe

#20 Honorable Mention – “The Final Drop” by Beth Lindsay

#21 Honorable Mention – “Cry of Love” by Anne Lucy

#22 Honorable Mention – “You Are My VBAC Queen” by Erin Stetson

#23 Honorable Mention – “Beautiful Beautiful Boy” by Tiarra Doherty

#24 Honorable Mention – “Bloodline” by Alannah Finn

#25 Honorable Mention – “Still” by Michelle Glenn

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