22 Interesting & Funny Stories About Kids Shared By Their Dads

22 Interesting & Funny Stories About Kids Shared By Their Dads

Here are the 22 interesting and funny stories about kids shared by their dads. There is an online community on Reddit called “Daddit” with around 575K members.

“This is a subreddit for Dads. Single Dads, new Dads, Step-Dads, tall Dads, short Dads, and any other kind of Dad. If you’ve got kids in your life that you love and provide for, come join us as we discuss everything from birth announcements to code browns in the shower.”

Here you can find 22 funny and interesting stories about kids Scroll down and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1. “My son venting his emotions this morning”

Source: pesqules

#2. “This is how we found our son sleeping this morning… Poor guy, he’s fighting off a cold.”

Source: 25964167

#3. “Put this on Reddit and he’ll be a meme in 24 hours”

Source: pesqules

#4. “Alright, I’m done with these kids. I was so proud thinking he ate all his lunch”

Source: _Tigglebitties

#5. “I vaguely remember having privacy before kids. Very vaguely.”

Source: GorillaLibrarianship

#6. “Just found this in my son’s room. What should I do?!”

Source: elbartodespringfield

#7. “About to have our second son, which way do you carry the baby option 1 or option 2?”

Source: TheAtomicPlayboy

#8. “My wife isn’t talking to me because I told her our daughter ate a battery.”

Source: TheAtomicPlayboy

#9. “I just love it that children that age belief they are invisible hiding like this.”

Source: blickkyvek

#10. Grateful to work from home

Source: bryanx92

#11. “Wife tried to shame me on Facebook, but all I feel is proud of my invention”

Source: amaurer3210

#12. Three kids in one pic

Source: playswithwood

#13. “During my Thursday raid night he asked to sit in my lap, then just made himself at home and fell asleep.”

Source: Lt_Lysol

#14. “Was playing a video game with My son. My daughter was behind me giggling the whole time. This was the end result… I feel beautiful.”

Source: ryinzana

#15. “My daughter insists on wearing my socks, but only the ones that have her face all over them”

Source: JohnnyEvs

#16. “How I eat candy around my kids”

Source: No_Brilliant_638

#17. “Guess I’m princess Dada now”

Source: Gr8ValuDeanW-NchestR

#18. “I don’t have a lot of friends but I really want to tell someone. My little guy lost his first tooth!”

Source: MlntyFreshDeath

#19. “My six year old daughter has been asking for months to have a mohawk like her daddy. I cut it for her today. My kid is a right badass.”

Source: KiltedRonin

#20. “The struggle is real. Men’s bathrooms need changing tables.”

Source: mk4rim

#21. “Baby 3 arrived home yesterday. I told son 2 to not get too close. His solution.”

Source: jtalaiver

#22. “You aren’t a real father until you strike down your own children for not joining you to rule the galaxy.”

Source: Tony_Lizard

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