1st full moon of 2023 was a wonderful Wolf Moon worldwide (photos)

1st full moon of 2023 was a wonderful Wolf Moon worldwide (photos)

(Image credit: Armend Nimani/AFP via Getty Images)

The first full moon of 2023 lit up the night sky on Jan. 6 in a brilliant beginning to a new year of stargazing. 

The January Full Moon, called the Full Wolf Moon, appeared full to the casual observer a few days before and after its actual peak on Friday, Jan. 6, and stargazers around the world captured amazing views of the lunar event. You can see amazing photos of the January 2023 full moon here.

In this image, the silhouette of a Orthodox cross above the Gracanica Medieval Monastery is seen against a full moon in the town of Gracanica during the ceremonial burning of dried oak branches, symbolizing the Yule log during Orthodox Christmas eve celebrations in Gracanica, on Jan. 6, 2023.

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