16 Most photo-worthy spots in Belfast!

16 Most photo-worthy spots in Belfast!

The capital of Northern Ireland is a tourist destination of titanic proportions, but not in a way you would normally imagine. Despite having an area of only 44 square miles, what makes the city a big deal is the Titanic Museum. This attraction features the ill-fated ocean liner that sunk as spectacularly as it was huge during the early 20th century. The city has also become a giant in the entertainment industry, thanks to its use as a “Game of Thrones” filming location. Top-class restaurants and a vibrant nightlife scene also make Belfast a good destination for the casual traveler.

In Belfast you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Titanic Belfast, Cave Hill Country Park, and Game Of Thrones Film Location Tour and many more. Continue reading to know more.

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Considered to be a world-leading visitor attraction, Titanic Belfast is a must see.

When visiting the Belfast and Northern Ireland, one must not miss visiting the Titanic Belfast. It is regarded as a must see attraction as it tells the story of the voyage of the unsinkable Titanic in 1912. It boasts a floor space of more than 12,00o square meters that is rich with history and story of the Titanic.

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Overlooking the entire city, Cave Hill Country Park is one of the most scenic spots you can visit in Belfast.

With an imposing outline that is visible throughout the city, the Cave Hill Country Park has long been synonymous with Belfast. It features a treasure trove of offerings for nature and history fanatics such as ecotrails, archaeological sites and numerous historical spots. One can also enjoy a lovely meal at the beautiful Belfast Castle, one of the renowned historic spots in the park.

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Tour the castles and coastlines that made GoT a famous TV series.

The highly popular medieval warfare-themed Game of Thrones (GoT) television series was brought to life in this wave-washed section of Belfast. See and feel the atmosphere of places like Carnlough Village which features colorful houses, fishing boats and its trademark old-world charm. Feel the fear that many a knight felt in the series when passing by The Dark Hedges. You can also test your courage (albeit with a tour guide instead of a squire) by crossing the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

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The Trip Advisor award-winning Belfast world famous black taxi now offers a wide range of five-star tours.

As seen on TV as a Trip Advisor awardee, black taxi now has tours that range from: Political mural tours, Game of Thrones tours, golfing tours or any tours tailor-made as per your request. They have a large fleet of London cabs, executive or even luxurious cars for MVPs. They have other cabs that sits seven and also coaches.

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Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland is a must visit for nature enthusiasts.

Home to more than 1200 animals, the Belfast Zoo is an award-winning attraction that welcomes more than 200,000 visitors every year. Featuring the Asian elephant, California sea lions, apes, penguins, the giant anteater, Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo and even the more exotic animals such as the Malayan tapirs, Malayan sun bears, Visayan warty pigs, red-backed bearded sakis and ring-tailed lemurs among many others, it is truly a one-of-a-kind zoo that no nature lover would want to miss!

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The old and new combine in this large and unique shopping mall.

Victoria Square is not your average shopping mecca. After all, which mall in the world can boast of having a quaint Victorian-era fountain near its front door? And as far as shopping destinations go, this mall boasts not only of prestigious brands like Hollister and Hugo Boss, but also has a personal stylist which can help you express eloquently your fashion statement. If you need to get your film fix, enjoy the center’s cinemas that feature Odeon 8 screens. Hungry after hours of wandering about? Let the 18 eateries of this shopping center satisfy your craving. Have a go at the diverse tapestry of dishes in this mall that ranges from Japanese and Italian cuisine to all-you-can-eat buffets. The crowning glory of this recreational destination is The Dome, a hemispherical glass structure which can give you a fine view of Belfast.

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Take back the history of Belfast by visiting holy St.Anne’s Cathedral.

An unusual church serving two separate dioceses, Connor and Down & Dromore is a church of Ireland known as St.Anne’s Cathedral or Belfast Cathedral. A cathedral which is more than a hundred years old has one of the most beautiful buildings in Belfast and is a known place of events like concerts and carol services.

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Belfast’s epic history comes to life through artworks that adorn this unique Victorian government building.

The Victorian-Renaissance mash-up which is Belfast City Hall was constructed from 1898 to 1906. You don’t have to pay a cent to tour this magnificent structure. Once you are in, the marble inside clearly shows that no expense was spared to make this building a reality. The paintings, busts, statues and stained glass windows inside are not only ornamental but functional. They tell the proud history of this Northern Irish city. Presbyterian Mary-Anne McCracken, who set up schools and opposed slavery, is among the many historical icons featured here along with British monarchs and noble patrons of arts. Another interesting attraction to see here is The Titanic Memorial Garden. This memorial pays tribute to members of Belfast who died saving the lives of hundreds of people on board the ill-fated ship.

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River Lagan is beautiful a river running through Belfast and surrounded by captivating buildings.

River Lagan is a river surrounded by numerous establishments in Belfast. Guests would surely not run out of ideas or activities to do when visiting. The river also features a beautiful view of the city as well as nature. Guests could also ride boats and admire the city from the river.

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Visit this Victorian-era garden complex and have more fun than you can imagine.

This green oasis in Belfast is more than your usual botanic garden. The beautiful Palm House, built in 1839 and completed in 1852, features a cast-iron dome with curvilinear glass. A great variety of plants are showcased in this unique and large architectural gem which somewhat resembles the U.S. Capitol. In one corner of the gardens, you can view tropical ferns, orchids, lilies and banana plants all standing proud in a sunken glen. Aside from a great variety of plant life, this place also serves as a venue for concerts, festivals and other events.

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HM Prison Crumlin Road is a former prison located in Belfast and known as the Europe’s Alcatraz.

HM Prison Crumlin Road in Belfast is Europe’s own version of the Alcatraz. Compared to its counterpart, the HM Prison was escapable as there were numerous report inmates that were able to escape. There were also executions conducted in its premises but as of the present, the prison is no longer operational.

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Rediscover your favorite stories and objects in this living history museum located in the country side.

The Ulster Folk Museum housed a 100 years of history. Seated in the country side along the rolling hills and bustling town, the museum will definitely provide a mix of enjoyment, nostalgia, education, history, fun, entertainment, refreshment, and plenty of exercise. The town itself has authentic period buildings that are rich with tradition, and history. Admission is free and all you have to do is pre-book a timeslot to ensure safety.

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Crumlin Road Gaol Paranormal tour offers an unparalleled and terrifying experience that awaits those who dare.

This is a one of a kind Jail of Horror tour and you can only get this in Belfast’s oldest prison. If you can stomach the fear, you will enter the off limits section of the prison which is the dungeon in D wing. The terror is not for the weak of heart. Dare to try, enter and conquer your fear. Do not forget to wear your most comfortable shoes. What are you waiting for?

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Built in the 1860s, the Belfast Castle Estate is one of the most popular attractions of the city.

Situated on the lower slopes of Cave Hill Country Park, the estate serves as a splendid vantage point to observe the scenic beauty of the city. It is also noted for being home to a range of unique flora and fauna such as the long-eared owl and even the rarest plant of Belfast, the town hall clock. The park also features ecotrails and several archaeological sites.

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The charming St. George’s Market is one of the most vibrant destinations in Belfast.

Located on May Street, this is the last surviving Victorian market in Belfast. One of the oldest attractions of Belfast, the St. George’s Market is also one of the most popular haunts in the city. The Friday, Saturday and Sunday markets are great for sampling fresh produce as well as delicious street food and eclectic homemade products.

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Albert Memorial Clock is one of the iconic landmarks of Belfast.

Completed in 1869, this tall clock tower is located at the Queen’s Square in Belfast. Featuring a fusion of French and Gothic styles, it is stunning to look at. You can also lounge around in the many lovely bars and restaurant that are situated beside the clock tower. Many visitors enjoy taking a photograph with this majestic clock in the background.

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