15 Stunning Examples of Tree Photography

15 Stunning Examples of Tree Photography


Trees are one of the primary focuses of landscape photography, and for good reason. They’re a crucial component of our natural world and in addition to being largely responsible for producing the air we breathe, and the homes that shield us from the elements, trees convey specific meanings when it comes to their artistic depictions.

The relationship between human beings and trees is a fascinating one, as we survive on the oxygen they produce and they survive on the carbon dioxide we produce. Many of us feel strong connections with trees and nature in general and as such, art lovers everywhere are drawn in by dynamic and mysterious images of trees. Not only does beautiful tree art add natural elements to a room and add warmth or cold (depending on color schemes), but they do so with intent. They often have deep and profound meaning to the people who collect and display them.

Let’s explore the reasons behind the popularity of trees, both as subject matter in nature and landscape photography and with art collectors themselves along with a dive into what trees symbolize in different forms of artistic expression. From there, I will take you on a visual journey through fifteen photographs of trees that truly capture the majesty of nature and present artistic symbolism without having to say a word.

Heavens Gate

The gnarled branches of a Japanese maple spread forth a flaming crown in a sculpted garden in Portland, Oregon. Beside a tranquil pond, the winding footpaths and soft beds of moss are scattered with the gold and crimson stars from this dazzling display. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Symbolism & Meaning of Tree Photography

Depending on the type of tree depicted and the cultural influences of both the photographer and viewer, trees can represent different things depending on the viewer..

For example, the Norse saw trees as a symbol of connection between Earth and the nearby divine realms. One specific tree in Norse mythology, an ash named Yggdrasil, represented the entirety of the known universe to this culture. Yggdrasil was believed to connect all nine realms that Norse people believed to exist, thus tethering all of existence together.

Similarly, Ancient Jews examined the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge depicted in the scripture as representations of creation and the philosophy resulting from it.

Thousands of years ago in China, when the written and spoken language was new, the natural world influenced the development of vocabulary. The sturdiness and semi-permanent existence of a tree sheds light on why the word “willow” and the words “to stay” in Mandarin sound so similar. Additionally, the waving of wispy willow tree branches in the breeze was mentioned in Chinese poetry as a means to say goodbye.

Furthermore, in both the Eastern and Western worlds, trees can personify people and events that take place in human life. In China, fatherhood is often represented visually by Chinese Toon trees, while in western cultures, fathers are compared to oak trees.

In addition to the bright elements of life, trees can also represent the end of the cycle. Cypress and pine trees, for example, symbolized sorrow, grief, and death in Chinese literature.

The Tree of Life | Meaning & Symbolism

A popular and specific tree image that’s rooted itself into the art world, no pun intended, is the Tree of Life. This tree’s appearance differs somewhat from one culture to the next, but in general, the symbolism remains quite uniform.

Tree of Life images often portray a tree with far-reaching branches and spread out roots. In some of these images, the roots and branches come together to encircle the rest of the image. Images that portray similarly spread roots and branches create a mirror effect, which represents nature’s divine balance. Life comes into the world. It eats, it grows, it dies, and then it feeds the Earth to generate the next cycle.

Images that portray the roots and branches connected and weaved into a circle represent the interconnectivity of everything in nature. The existence of everything has an effect on everything else in terms of how we live, what we eat, and where our food and water come from. Nature’s web points to the idea that nothing exists alone, and what affects one community will affect every other in some way.

As an extension of the observations made about the natural world, the Tree of Life can also symbolize knowledge, a type of immortality, existence, family, enlightenment, peace, and strength. These variations are due to the fact that the Tree of Life is known in Judaism, Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism, and an array of other faiths and cultures.


The brilliant foliage of an old maple appears almost pink in the depths of a chill autumn day in Sammamish, Washington. Hardwoods, like shadowy spirits, emerge mysteriously from the shroud of fog beyond. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

The Symbolism of Specific Trees

We’ve covered the tree of life, but to delve further into tree symbolism in photography, we need to explore the representations of specific species of trees. While trees in general symbolize elements of life and nature, certain trees (and bushes) have their own meanings.

Peace: Holly
Health: Wild Apple, Aloe Vera, Wild Pear
Love: Rosemary, Rose, Camellia
Friendship: Olive
Kindness: Grapevine
Fortune: Fig, Cherry, Juniper
Strength: Irish Oak
Happiness: Myrtle, Wild Plum
Protection: Hawthorne, Bay, Silver Birch

Several tree species carry more than one meaning. The Rowan Tree, for example, represents life and existence in general. The Myrtle mentioned above represents both joy and love. Oak, truffle, and hazel represent a combination of faith, courage, wisdom, and inspiration.

In addition, while Pagans of ancient times and today view trees in general as a representation of the natural world, yew trees held a special place in Pagan culture as a symbol of death and rebirth. Areas with copses of yew trees were considered sacred and Pagans routinely planted new yew trees in locations they planned to designate as hallowed ground for ceremonies, burials, and rituals.

15 Stunning Examples of Tree Photography

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at the influence of culture in tree symbolism, the meanings connected to famous tree symbols, and the ways certain tree types can carry with them their own unique meanings, you’re equipped to explore the symbolism present in tree photography with an informed eye.

Let’s explore fifteen dynamic and stunning photographs of trees. When looking upon these images, think about the meaning depicted in each shot. How do the trees captured affect the mood and overall message the photograph is attempting to convey? What does each mean to you?


Nebulas of scarlet stars erupt from the twisted branches of an old Japanese maple in a garden in Portland, Oregon. A brilliant flash of fire, the autumn boughs make the surrounding beds of moss seem almost to glow. Fine Art Limited Edition of 200.

Crimson Heights

Towering Aspen and Silver Birch trees intertwine to create a wall of autumn splendor on Last Dollar Road between Telluride and Ridgway in Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Into The Silence

Lines of maples form the nave of a living church along a quiet country road near Snoqualmie, Washington. Traces of red and gold show here and there among the canopy, an early sign of fall on the way. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Echoes Of Fall

A tangled web of skeletal branches lace together the ashen trunks of a grove of aspen near Leavenworth, Washington. Unfazed as yet by the chill of winter, the fiery hues of the autumn undergrowth bleed through a hush of fog. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.


A young and fiery Lace Leaf Japanese Maple tree glows in all its autumn glory just inside the gates of the Portland Japanese Garden in Portland Oregon. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

On Golden Pond

Striking white aspen bark, backlit by the glow of the morning sun, reflects across the surface of a pond in Telluride Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Seasons Flames

A flurry of amber sparks is scattered from the thin branches of a young maple in a Japanese garden in Seattle, Washington. Peering through the gilded veil, a secluded azure pool lies beyond. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Lemon Lime

A dense stand of quaking aspen sits on the edge of a meadow near Leavenworth, Washington. A brilliant canary yellow spreads through the boughs–a sure sign of cooler weather to come. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.


Crimson stars dance in the boughs of a gnarled Japanese maple in Portland, Oregon. Beneath its blazing canopy, the old tree shelters its own garden of delicate ferns and emerald mosses. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Walking With Giants

A rhododendron in bloom spreads its pink blossoms towards the veiled sunlight in the forests of far northern California. Through the diaphanous mist, a grove of coast redwoods stands guard over the lush and fecund gardens of undergrowth. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Sweet Dreams

Golden light from the early morning sun illuminates a forest of beautiful aspen trees at the peak of autumn in Telluride, Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Creamsicle Dreams

A delicate web of interlaced branches weave together an aspen grove in Washington State. Through the snow-dusted boughs, a few last flashes of gold announce the end of autumn. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.


A dense grove of aspen, suffused by a parade of bright gold and scarlet in the heart of winter is transformed by sudden motion. The fecund undergrowth becomes a raging brushfire snarling the grecian fantasy of floating columns like an animate miasma. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

The Rise

Fall aspens, like Grecian columns, reach towards transient puffs of cloud in a brilliant blue sky. When the days grow chill, groves of clonal aspen turn hillsides like this one near Aspen, Colorado into cascades of rippling gold. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Pebble Beach Icon

The crooked pride of a Monterey cypress braves the elements on a lonely promontory at Pebble Beach, California. A brief respite is offered by the calm evening, and pillows of pink cloud drift over the far mountains. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.