15 gifts for every stargazer this holiday season

A composite image of several space gifts for the holiday season


Stuck for something to buy the stargazer in your life? Or in the market for something for yourself this holiday season? From easy-to-use and affordable binoculars and a smart telescope to space-themed stocking fillers and advanced stargazing gear, these gifts and treats will help any beginner or experienced amateur astronomer get the best from the night sky this holiday season and beyond. 

15 gift ideas for every stargazer this holiday season 2022

James Webb Space Telescope baseball cap 

baseball cap

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NASA hats and t-shirts lost their cache years ago. If you want to demonstrate to other amateur astronomers that you’re one of them go for something bearing the logo of the latest and greatest space observatory — the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It’s poised to change everything we know about the universe and how it works, so get a heads-up early. This baseball cap comes in five colors.  

celestron binoculars

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